Luis Enrique, the coach of Paris Saint-Germain (PSG) has expressed optimism that Kylian Mbappé might reconsider and stay at the club, despite ongoing rumors linking him to a summer transfer to Real Madrid.

Mbappe has reportedly informed the Ligue 1 champions of his decision to depart and is heavily associated with a transfer to Real Madrid in the upcoming summer.

However, PSG’s Spanish boss is still keeping his hopes alive that Mbappe could turn down a move to the Santiago Bernabeu and instead stays in the French capital.

Luis Enrique told Prime Video Sport France that he remains hopeful about the possibility of the French international staying in Paris.

Asked if the fact that it will be Mbappé’s final chance to play in Le Classique would influence his starting lineup, Luis Enrique said: “Why will it be his final derby?

“I’ve always remained hopeful that Kylian could change his mind — he hasn’t said anything for now. He could change his mind.

“Imagine if we win four trophies this season and Kylian Mbappé decides at the last minute that he wants to stay in Paris.

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“Why not, we will see.”

“My desire is that everything goes well, that there is a spectacle and that we see a very good football match between two very good teams.

“Our goal is to win this match against our eternal rival.

“As manager of my team and the club, I have to see this match very clearly but also have a general vision of what is best for us, that’s my job.

“I have to make a decision and I will do it thinking about what I consider to be best for the team.

“This means that there are people who do not agree as always but, of course, we are going to go to Marseille to be competitive and give great joy to our supporters,” he maintained.