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U.S. Group Hails Obaseki’s Choice Of Engr Ogbeifun As Benin River Seaport Tech Committee Chair

United States-based organization, Edo United for Homeland Empowerment has commended Edo State Governor, Mr. Godwin Obaseki for his choice of renowned seasoned Marine Engineer and businessman, Engr. Greg Ogbeifun, as chairman of Benin River Seaport Technical Committee.

In a statement issued from its Boston, Massachusetts office, signed by its President, Frank Ekhator (HRA), the organization said Obaseki’s decision was the right step in the right direction and a true testament to the his work ethics and discerning ability to match competent people with tasks.

Edo United for Homeland Empowerment, with its teaming members and supporters across America, pledged its support for the governor in his desire to transform Edo State.

At face value, it continued, this appointment may seem like a small issue to the ordinary man, saying: “it is the choice we make that shows what we truly are, far more than our ability.”

“Good leadership begins with good choice and personnel management,” the organization noted with admiration.”

“To get a suitable fit for a job that demands boundless technical knowledge and experience requires due diligence especially in Nigeria, where indulgences such as stoking, mediocrity and cronyism are usually the hallmark of appointment choices.

“The scripture tells us, it is an honor to appreciate the goodness or good deeds of a man. From the goodness of our heart and our natural affinity to Edo State, we are obliged to give kudos to Governor Obaseki, for being insightful and result-oriented in his Ogbeifun choice.”

“The struggle to have a seaport built in Gelegele axis of Benin River started decades ago, but did not get desired traction or the required push to materialize for varied reasons. To be fair, previous leaders may have been under straps or were politically out-maneuvered by ‘Federal Might’ or other orchestrated constrains which may have made it impossible for actualization.

“Probably past leaders neither fully appraise nor appreciate the importance of the huge revenue-yielding and job creating prospects of a seaport. Besides their lack of enthusiasm and vested interest, they may not have seen the necessity and exigency or expediency for them to venture into the seaport business to supplement or overhaul the depleted revenue yielding sources in Edo State.

“In any case, whatever Governor Obaseki did differently this time to have enabled him to embark on the project, is not only a true index of his enviable sagacity and resiliency but also a reflection of his business acumen.”

Edo United recalled the pivotal role of Engr. Ogbeifun in the Benin River Seaport port dream, which not only portrays a mere professional passion, but more of a precursor or trail blazer, as his steadfast agitation dates back to the 90s.

The organization noted that in 2004, an intensive three days brain-storming conference of Edo people world-wide was organized in Boston, Massachusetts, USA, by Edo-Okpamakhin, an Edo Think Tank, founded by Late Chief (Papa) Anthony Enahoro, in conjunction with Dr. Oboma Asemota, one time Commissioner in the then Bendel State, and many other Edo sons and daughters.

It recalled how Ogbefun traveled from Nigeria to attend the event which also had in attendance Late retired Brigadier General Samuel Ogbemudia, Barrister Solomon Asemota (SAN), Mr. Mike Ogiadomhe, then Deputy Governor to Lucky Igbinedion; Chief Nosa Isekhure representing the Palace, retired Col. Paul Osa Ogbebor, just to mention a few names.

“As collaborated, in that very gathering of prominent Edo sons and daughters, Engr. Ogbeifun delivered a thought-provoking paper on the need to establish the Benn River Seaport. In light of the chronicled records of events therefore, one is inclined to call his appointment to lead the actualization of Benin River Seaport project, a providential assignment, as well as divine omen for the state.

“Edo United for Homeland Empowerment is a non-partisan and non-profit advocacy and human rights organization, with track records of fighting for the interest of Edo people and the general uplifting of Edo State.

“Our paramount concerns and loyalty are to the people of Edo State, not political parties or oligarchs. We are sworn enemies of complacency, cronyism, unprogressive leadership, government profligacy and diversion of both human and financial resource.

“We totally abhor and distaste all other forms of ineptitude, chaotic and corrupt practices of those in government and corridors of power.

“As concerned Edo citizens in the Diasporas, it is incumbent upon us, as well as befitting, that we, in no less significant measures, support the State government’s initiatives and activities which are geared towards the general welfare and economic growth of Edo state.”

While the organization which said it has watched the activities of the government for a long time, hailed its development programs in many areas including healthcare, education, agriculture and infrastructure, it called for accountability at all levels of governance, as it admonishes and disapproved the alleged actions of few sociopaths and political malcontents who take solace in hiring arsonists to burn down properties in the state

It also called all warring factions in the state political impasse to be more civil, reasonable; and be respectful of constituted authority in all their political engagements or disagreement, advising that all parties should urgently shield their swords and come to the negotiating table for resolution in the interest of the state and people, noting that lingering political problems such as what is going on now was detrimental to meaningful development.

It called on them to heed the advice of eminent Nigerians, notably the Oba of Benin Ewuare II and Nigeria’s President Muhammadu Buhari, the state council of traditional rulers and chiefs and most recently, the Oba of Lagos State calling for peaceful resolution of the political impasse.

Edo United advised Edo politicians beneath the crisis rocking the state to put the interest of the state above their selfish political and clannish interests and called on the young people of the state to resist any attempt by politicians to use them to disrupt the peace of the state.

“We all have a role to play in the affairs of our cherished fatherland but any sinister or unproductive role shall be deemed selfish and inimical to the State. As the saying goes-in the rendezvous of peace, there are seats for all well-wishers.

“If we want development and truly value peace over chaos in that place that we call root and glorious home, we must not sit on the fence neither must we be lukewarm or aloof. Silence or docility in the face of evil is implicitly acquiescence.”

Edo United has in the past published articles, petitioned the Federal Government of Nigeria regarding the abysmal neglect of Benin Moat, following its recognition as a National Monument.

The organization has a pending petition with the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) as per its non-recognition of Benin Moat as World Historical Site, which in its estimation, is the longest manually made human endeavor that is recognized by the world body compared to the China Wall.

The petition was published by Saharareporters on February 1, 2013.

“We are proud recipients of Oba Eradiawa’s blessings and recognition. In 2012, we were honored with a letter of commendation from Oba Erediauwa II of blessed memory, in appreciation of our love, defense and support for our fatherland. We do not hide or gloss anything as we must call “spade a spade.”

“We would not end our message of solidarity without baring our minds on the alarming reports or the unabating incidents of kidnapping and cult-related killings and political thuggery in Edo land.

Edo United condemned such criminal and barbaric acts in its entirety and call on the government and security agents to intensify efforts at nipping the problems in the bud. The organization also called on the people of Edo State to support their government and security agents in the fight against crimes.

“We are not only concerned about this insecurity trend but very much disturbed by the fact that our children living abroad who would love to travel with their parents to their primordial roots to experience or fraternize with their relatives and friends, are increasingly discouraged by such unending unpalatable news from our homeland on daily basis. It is a sad commentary”


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