Thursday , November 25 2021

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The passing of Prof. Leo Otoide caught the Board of Trustee (BOT) and all members of the Castle of Legends Initiative (COLI) unaware. It is sad that we are left to remember the profundity of the opening eight verses of Chapter 3 of Ecclesiastes and accept the providence of a …

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Obaseki’s Investment in the Creative Industry

THE need for gainful employment of citizens in any society cannot be overemphasized as it provides the key to a chain of other stabilizing socio-economic as well as political activities in any given society. MANY nations or society with employment problems have had their social, political and economic structures dislocated …

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IOM Collaborate with Federal Government to Register Foreigners

ABUJA- The International Organization for Migration (IOM) has introduced the Migration Information Data Analysis System (MIDAS) in Nigeria to strengthen the Federal Government ‘s ability to process individual’s identity when entering or exiting as well as to register foreigners and regularize their status in the country This was disclosed by …

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Bridging gap between the rich and poor

THE year 2017 is surely a year of surprises, according to the General overseer of the Redeemed Christian Bible Church, Pastor Enoch Adeboye. Whether they are pleasant or not is of no issue here. The kind of revelations emanating from the actions of our political leaders is not in any …

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Exit of a Cricket Legend – Chris Enahoro

THE name Chris Enahoro was Synonymous with the game of cricket right from the 60s when he was captain of the Dyaks cricket club. According to Engr. Emeka Onyeama, the President, Nigeria Cricket federation, as Nigerian captain, Chris was a tactical genius and knew the game in and out. He …

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Death: A gateway to better life

The most misunderstood phenomenon in life which has become probably the only word that humbles every living soul is Death. Every body wants to go to heaven but nobody wants to die. Even when it is very obvious that everyone must one day bow to the cold hands of death, …

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