As we gradually approach the year 2015 which has been earmarked for another general election in Nigeria, every day,  many new developments keep tumbling into the political arena. Most Nigerians are clamouring for a change at the Centre and that is what many believe will deliver the nation from the clueless PDP administration that has taken Nigerians for fools  these past sixteen years.
Last week, the Edo State House of Assembly  lifted the suspension of Emmanuel Okoduwa and Kingsley Ehigaimusoe having presented a letter to the Speaker of the State House of Assembly renouncing their straying into the jaws of the People Deceive People (PDP).  Since June, the Edo Lawmakers have been cajoled, traumatised, and deceived to  hold what some considered parallel sittings at a building under renovation. This was the failed ploy of the PDP treacherous leaders  to cause chaos and mayhem in the state but for the astuteness of the distinguished lawmakers , ably led by Rt. Hon. Uyi Igbe who unmasked the shame called Edo PDP and insisted on towing the path of honour.
The leadership of the opposition party had at that time showed so much desperation doing the bidding of Abuja and Uromi godfathers when godfatherism has been buried in Edo land. Their errand boy, Dan Orbih who has gone into hiding now, afraid of his shadows  after the abracadabra they organised  called PDP primaries, has shut his trap having kissed the dust. Many watchers at that time who know the antecedents of the PDP in Edo State, knew that the leadership are men, like the Leopard who would never change its skin. They are no democrats and never believe in democratic ways of governing society and people. Their weapon of engagement is imposition, super-imposition and civilian  decrees. We knew that they would collapse before 2015 and the return of the suspended lawmakers tells it all.
It leaves a sour taste in the mouth of all Edo people that someone who was elected on the platform of the APC as the Deputy Speaker, Festus Ebea  was a  mole of a never-do-well PDP.   Festus Ebea should also take a cue and swallow the bitter pill and tender unreserved apology to his colleagues so that they could receive him back into legislative chambers of the House. It is obvious that the Ghana-must-Go from Abuja has exhausted and with the crashing oil prices, nobody would be able to sustain the divisive politics that was unsuccessfully launched by enemies of Edo. At the moment, austerity measures are in place, the naira is crashing every day and oil prices dwindling. The external reserve is heavily depleted and insecurity is threatening the very existence of the country called Nigeria.
One must commend the returnee lawmakers because, it is not every person who errs that acknowledges wrongdoings. Their return shows that the PDP can never be an alternative to APC in Edo State.
Interestingly, six  years down the road with the leadership provided by an  extraordinary Labour Leader, and Edo State Peoples Governor, Comrade Adams Aliyu Oshiomhole stands out as a shining example of what  the political leadership could do in turning around the fortunes of the people.
Critics of Edo State Comrade Governor must be reminded that since the creation of the state, some 21years ago, or since democracy berthed in 1999 in the country,  Edo has not witnessed the level of massive  development as it has achieved these past six years.
Previous administrations, both military and civilian took Edo people so much for granted. The military cum political leaders watched the state’s major  infrastructures:  roads, electricity, water supply   and social services broke down to apologetic levels. Roads, apart from being heavily dilapidated served as death traps as pot holes fueled carnage on most of our intra and inter-city highways. Water for people of Edo North and Central was a mirage and rain harvesting remained the major source for residents. The stench in the streets of Benin City and most urban centres as a result of unattended  massive heaps of refuse left visitors wondering how resilient Edo people are that epidemics have not wiped them off the face of the earth. What about social services- Health and Education? Public primary and secondary schools were left to rot away.
This was what the Comrade Oshiomhole-led All Progressives Congress government inherited from previous rulers of Edo, including the sunken Peoples Democratic Party, PDP. But many thanks to the political leadership he has provided that has transformed Benin  from an abandoned ancient city to a modern city of the 21st century with the full complements of road networks adorned with street lights, walk ways and drainage, beautiful city centre with state of the art facilities and improved traffic  monitoring systems that works. Night life has bounced back fully in Benin as both the young and old now have good time anytime they chose to do so. As the season of Christmas is in the air, Benin City is wearing new look and fun seekers have been getting their fun all around.
The urban renewal project which cuts across the three senatorial districts with much focus on Benin City, Auchi, Ekpoma, Uromi and Abudu  and impressive impact in  all the 18  Local Government Areas of the State show massive modern road networks with all the latest walkways , street lights, and flower lawns. The Benin City Water Storm project of the Oshiomhole-led administration has helped to control flood and erosion  menace that was almost going to submerge the whole city of Benin.
Also, the Five Junction in Benin which used to be  heavily flooded whenever it rains under the PDP government and a notorious den of armed robbers is now a beautiful sight to behold. It is now a modern ring road, well asphalted  with massive underground drainage, walk ways  and  street lights.  Almost ten roads in the neighborhood have been reconstructed  to add to the beauty of the area. The  Isonoro axis of New Benin which  hitherto was a refuse dump site both by residents and previous governments is now a modern layout with all the pecks of modern city now  re-named Gani Fawehinmi Layout to immortalise  Late Chief Gani Fawehinmi who, like Oshiomhole fought for, and defended the rights of the poor people. What about second west and upper mission roads and the adjourning roads that have helped ease traffic within Benin City?
Water has been roundly provided for Edo people. Edo  South, North and Central now have water flowing from modern boreholes fixed by the Edo State Government.  This has drastically reduced water- borne diseases which use to be prevalent in Edo North and Central.
Realising that education is one of the biggest industry of Edo people and that it provides the foundation for the development of any society, Comrade Adams Oshiomhole has made educational revolution in the state a cardinal objective of his administration. One of the greatest achievements of the APC-led administration in the educational sector is “the red roof revolution” as it is now being referred to, even by the worst critics of government, which is an open acknowledgement of the transformation of the public schools in the state. The red roofs are all aluminum roofing sheets that have replaced the rotten, leaking zinc of previous governments. Besides the massive reconstruction and renovation of public primary and secondary schools across the state, they have been equipped with modern instructional and learning   equipment and materials. The educational system is being sanitised in a way that it would compare to international best practice.
Even the tertiary institutions are getting bigger and better deal than it used to be. The subventions to the Ambrose Alli University, Ekpoma, College of Education, Ekiadolor and Igueben have been consciously jerked up while the Institute of Management and Technology as well as College of Agriculture, Iguoriakhi have been upgraded and accredited by the National Board for Technical Education (NBTE).
The Oshiomhole administration this year announced the upgrading of the College of Education Ekiadolor to University of Education. A university of Science and Technology is also being established in Uzairue. Both universities have been backed by Law of the Edo State House of Assembly. Efforts are continuing to keep education at pace with what obtains in developed societies.
The Health sector has witnessed massive transformation as well. Hospitals are being upgraded across the state. The Central Hospital along Sapele Road is home to  a multi-billion Naira project, which when completed would compare to any modern hospital anywhere in the world. It targets bringing an  end  to Edo people  travel overseas for medical attention. Government has assured that the project will be completed soon.
The Edo State Government has done excellently well to support security agencies to combat insecurity in the state. It has continued to support the Nigeria Police Force, Army, Airforce, State Security Service, Nigeria Security and Civil Defense Corp as well as Neighborhood Watch massively to discharge their functions. This has led to a drastic fall in crime rate in the state. However, we are not unaware of the sabotage efforts of the opposition party, the PDP,  which fuels insecurity in the state.
What is evident everywhere is that strong institutions are being built so that generations to come in Edo will have a very solid foundation to contribute their quota to societal development.
What needs to be done now is for all Edo people and citizens at large to continue to support the selfless commitment and services of the Comrade Adams Oshiomhole-led APC administration in the state. Edo people need to sustain the tempo of development by ensuring victory for the APC in all the elections slated for February 2015. That is the only way to collectively express our token appreciation to a party that is doing so well for the people.
Mr. Dan Owegie, is a chieftain of the All Progressives Congress, APC, Edo State.

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