AT Hallelujah Acres, we have designed two levels of application of The Hallelujah  Diet, according to the goals you have set for yourself.
Level 1: Recovery. For those who are experiencing serious Physical problems and want to recover from them, this is what we call the “cold turkey,” or “whole hog” program. (Please notice the ironic metaphors, but terms like “cold tomato” or “whole wheat don’t carry the same punch in our language.. .yet!) This is a program designed to cleanse the body of toxins on the most expedient schedule possible and rush vital nutrients to all the cells.
Level 2: Maintenance. For those who are already in good or excellent health and just want to “maintain” that level for life, this could be used to transition you and your family from the Standard American Diet (SAD), to a diet filled with health-giving nutrients, using raw foods, juices, and vegan alternatives in your meals. This is a program you can expect to enjoy for the long term; it’s a program that cleanses the body of toxins slowly than Level 1 (Recovery).
For those who fall into the Level 1 category it’s imperative that you get very serious about changing your diet a lifestyle-don’t just play around with it. Permit me to use my own dad’s experience that very clearly illustrates the point I’m trying to make here.
My dad was a two-pack-a-day smoker when he experience his first heart attack at the age of 42. This was the first of what became a series of heart attacks and strokes, and they continued for the next 22 years of my dad’s life. Following his first heart attack, Dad’s doctor told him he had to give up smoking if he wanted to regain his health. But Dad didn’t give up his cigarettes! Instead, he tried to cut back on the daily number of  cigarettes he smoked. Not many years later, Dad experienced a stroke, and again his doctor told him he had to quit smoking. But again, Dad continued to try and cut back rather than quit. Dad finally died at the age of 64 of a massive heart attack, still trying to quit smoking by cutting back. But you see, what happened to Dad was that while he wanted to quit, he kept indulging in another cigarette. And, of course, each time he would light up, it caused him to have a desire for yet another, and then another, and another-
until he died. During this entire 22-year experience after the first heart attack, Dad faced daily frustration with himself because he wanted to quit; but instead of quitting, he kept lighting up just one more cigarette.
There is a very powerful lesson here that has great application to your success or failure in overcoming the physical problems you hopefully want to eliminate from your body. And lesson is this: If you want to be successful in reaching (of wellness, you must not play around with making change. As long as you just play with the diet, even though may make a little improvement here or there, you will continue to put some of the very foods into your body that created physical problem, and you will never be successful in your goal of wellness.
If you desire to equip your body to eliminate an existing ill- very best way to do that (at least that I am aware of) is what we call “cold turkey.” That means stopping all negative eating and drinking habits today, and beginning the full Hallelujah Diet program immediately. That’s how I did it in 1976, and it’s the way a multitude of others have done it with great success.
So you might want to begin by setting a mini-goal in order to reach the ultimate goal of wellness and the elimination of those physical problems. I suggest you begin with the very easy goal of  going on The Hallelujah Diet for just 21 days. Surely, everyone can and attain this very conservative and doable goal. Just 21 days! That’s only three weeks! By then, you’ll no doubt be seeing some wonderful and exciting improvements in your health and energy level, and you’ll want to continue The Hallelujah Diet for the rest of your life.
If you’re not currently suffering from an illness, but you want to maintain the good health you are already experiencing, and don’t want to go the “cold turkey” route, let me encourage you to at least start transitioning from the Standard American Diet (SAD) to The Hallelujah Diet. Why? Because if you continue on the SAD, somewhere down the road, you will no doubt experience physical problems.
You can ensure future good health by adopting The Hallelujah Diet. In order to accomplish this, you have two choices: You can go head and immediately adopt Level 1, as outlined above; y go at the diet change more gradually. The choice is yours. Personally, I believe it’s easier to go directly into Level 1, When person doesn’t have an experience like my dad had when trying to give up smoking. But many have made the diet change successfully by adopting it more gradually.
You might choose to eliminate one harmful food from each meal of your diet for one week, while introducing a new healthy food to take its place. For instance, you might eliminate soda pop at one meal while adding a fresh salad before your regular evening meal and then for each meal, choose to eliminate another unhealthy food from your diet, while replacing it with a healthy one. This way, gradually over a number of days, weeks, and months, you’ll have arrived at that diet which will allow to maintain your good health for the rest of your life.
Or you may choose to replace one or two unhealthy meal each week with healthy vegetarian alternatives. This replacement meal could consist of a serving of Barley Max, followed by a fresh green salad followed by a baked potato, or baked sweet potato, or steamed vegetables, or a brown rice dish. This meal would consist only of healthy foods, while not allowing a unhealthy foods to be consumed at that meal. (In the Appendices of this look, you’ll find worksheets to help you determine what you’re currently eating and how to manage the replacement process.)
If you choose to adopt Level 2 and slowly change from the Standard American Diet (SAD) to The Hallelujah Diet, you will be absolutely amazed that after only a few weeks, your taste b will start to change, and you’ll actually desire the healthy foods. No doubt, you will even notice an improvement in what you thought was good health before you began to make the diet change.
Once you discover how good you feel, you will want to remain on The Hallelujah Diet for the rest of your life.
It’s time to recap your goals and then determine your level of participation in The Hallelujah Diet! Go to Appendix B of this book, where you’ll find “Charting the Course” worksheets.
Some years ago, shortly after Hallelujah Acres started lishing the weekly Hallelujah Health Tip, we asked people on the Internet to join us on a “21-Day Journey into Health,” by adopting. The Hallelujah Diet for just three weeks. Hundreds took up challenge, and after the 21-day experience, they reported back to us on the improvements they experienced during their time on The Hallelujah Diet. Here is the collective list of improve they reported:
• Increased energy
• No more dry scalp
• Greater stamina
• Fatigue reduced
• Loss of weight
• Enhanced mental clarity
• Less irritable
• Skin improved
• More poise
• Constipation gone
• Shrinking hemorrhoids
• Less body odor
• Less joint pain
• Eczema almost gone
• Speedier healing
• Itching gone
• Heart palpitations gone
• Menstrual cramps gone
• Sluggishness gone
• Less sleep needed
• Castro paresis improved
• Blood pressure better
• No more indigestion
• Skin cancer smaller
• Dry skin gone
• Bowel problems gone
• Improved coordination
• Spider veins fading
• Hot flashes gone
• Desire for alcohol gone
• Back pain gone
• Sinus infections gone
• Shrinking prostate
• Improved strength
• No more migraines
• Better vision
• Arthritis improved
• No more sugar cravings
• Insomnia gone
• Congestion improved
• Eating a lot less
• Chest pain gone
• Complexion clearer
• Less stomach pain
• Low energy gone
• Asthma gone
• No more heartburn
• Mood swings gone
• Brighter eyes
• Gums healed/teeth tighter
• Less bloating

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