Anyone who cared to monitor the print and electronic media in 2014 would have benefited tremendously from the massive health information the outgoing year gave us. Here are some of them.
Bitter Kola /Ewedu leaves/Calabar bean
To start with, Prof. Maurice Iwu, a pharmacognosist, wrote about the benefits of bitter kola. He informed us that it is a cold / sore throat remedy, a detoxifier, a broad-spectrum, antimicrobial, a pain killer, an immune booster, a libido enhancer, a lung energizer, an alcohol hangover therapy and a weight eliminator among other things.
Also, he mentioned that there was now a bitter kola-base eye drop for glaucoma with NAFDAC Certification. His revelation only confirmed the exploits of Prof IB Konola Adefule-Ositelu who patented the new eye drop. The female professor works at Guinness Eye Centre, LUTH in Lagos State.
On her part, too, she dropped the hint in The Nation  of September 18, 2014 that ewedu leaves have antiviral action.  Hence, they were used for managing measles, a viral ailment in primordial times, she stated.
In addition to bitter kola eye drop for glaucoma, there is another one used for the same purpose called Eserine.  It is made from Calabar beans known as Ased.
Other uses of the beans will surprise you.  See, it is employed also for making charms and “catching” witches and wizards by Calabar people.
This is a natural remedy for prostate enlargement ravaging men these days by putting their waterworks in serious health crisis.  When every other remedy has failed, immunocal – we are told – comes handy.  It repairs body cells by raising intracellular gluta thione levels.  Through this process, a person’s damaged immune system is rehabilitated paving the way for it to shrink an enlarged prostate gland.  From the foregoing, it is self-evident that immunocal is an immunotherapeutic approach to prostate enlargement.  Indeed, immunocal is a gift to natural medicine in 2014 in Nigeria from Canada.
Bitterleaf to the rescue
The outgoing year saw both Father Anselm Adodo and Prof. Ernest Izebvigie throwing illuminating light on the potentials of bitterleaf.  Firstly, Father Anselm Adodo, director of Pax Herbal Clinic And Research Laboratories, Ewu in Edo State educated the world on the uses of bitterleaf for managing prostate cancer.  The disease is characterized by painful and difficult urination.
Prof. Ernest Izebvigie . on the other hand, is the Vice-Chancellor of Benson Idahosa University, Benin.
On December 16, 2014 the Edo Broadcasting Service, Benin Announced that he has developed a remedy from bitter leaf for the management of diabetes, cancer and enlarged prostate gland.  According to him, the remedy is 80 percent nature-base and has undergone successful trials.  It is not yet known, however, if the drug is available in pharmacies for public use.
Safi blood tonic
Also in 2014, we were informed about the health benefits of safi blood tonic as a powerful blood purifier containing over 39 different herbs. Since impurities in the blood lay the foundation for major diseases and illnesses, you can understand the importance of this ayuverdic blood tonic made in India.  Natural medicine practitioners patronize safi blood tonic because it helps them to first meet the fundamental challenges of detoxifying and cleansing the bodies of sick patients before embarking on the secondline category of remedies.  Sometimes, a patient becomes well soon after taking a cleansing, detoxification treatment.  Why?  Impurities or toxins were responsible for his sick condition and secondary damage, requiring further therapy, hadn’t yet been done to this body.  Herein, also, lies the reason why knowledgeable natural medicine doctors administer safi blood tonic on patients with passion.
Ginkgo Biloba
In 2014, the story of ginkgo biloba was retold to readers.  They were informed that the ginkgo biloba tree appeared on earth 150 million years ago and it has a lifespan of 100 years!! I have been using the leaves of this tree to manage the health conditions of my patients for over 17 years.  In case you didn’t catch up with the rehashed ginkgo biloba story this outgoing year, here are flashes of it.
The leaves can help a woman to grow thick, long and beautiful hair. They improve blood capillary circulation and oxygen supply to the brain and other parts of the body.  This is why it is a brain booster while it has contributed to healing poor vision as well as buzzing in the ear where poor blood circulation is indicated.  Stroke patients, of course, need ginkgo biloba while aging people with compromised blood circulation should go for the herb.
Belly fat
From Erciyes University in Koysen, Turkey in 2014 came information on belly fat, a slow killer.  Studies conducated in the university reveal that belly far is a key indicator of metabolic syndrome or abnormalities which include the following: blood pressure disorder, high blood sugar level, high triglyceride level and low levels of high density lipoprotein cholesterol.   Each of these conditions, on its own, kills instalmentally. So, watch that protruding stomach of belly fat of yours.  It is not a sign of enjoyment but a harbinger of slow, untimely death.
Miscellaneous items
Also, in 2014 we learnt that ripening fruits forcefully with calcium carbide is hazardous.  Avoid such fruits.  Eat only mature, ripe fruits from organic sources.
Also, eat beans regularly. The food is not only a rich source of proteins, it helps to boost your testosterone level as well as libido because it is high in zinc.  Furthermore, it is low in fat but high in fibre, an anti-constipation agent.
Do you eat okro soup?  A lot of you would answer in the affirmative.   That means you know about okra fruit.  Good.  Prof. Maurice Iwu, a pharmacologist, informed us in 2014 that the vegetable has a lot of medicinal properties.  To start with, he reveals that the fresh, mucilaginous juice of Okra has anti-inflammatory activity.  Therefore, it is beneficial for gastritis.
Moreover, the juice has anti-helicobacter pylori action.  Helicobacter pylori is a bacteria indicated in peptic ulcer.  Invariably, all that Prof. Maurice Iwu is saying is that fresh okro juice has beneficial effect in the treatment of either stomach or duodenal ulcer-used in conjunction with other remedies.
This not all.   He adds that the juice is helpful for stomach cancer.  Finally, he says that studies have shown, however, that the base of the okro fruit is a spermicide.  So, avoid it during your reproductive life; or use it as a family planning vegetable.  When you want to stop having children.
Bye-bye 2014
Indeed, the outgoing year 2014 was an eye-opener for us in the world of natural medicine.  My advice to you is to absorb the health education the year provided for you and build on it in the coming year 2014.  I wish you ALL a prosperous, healthy new year. Amen.  Please, always take care of your health.