Legendary Nigerian Reggae singer, Rassam Wiliki better known as Orits Wiki, who just marked 30 years in the music industry has gotten many confused with the shocking revelation he Unveiled to Punch.
While speaking about the success of his 20-year marriage to popular actress and singer, Becky, he told Punch , “I married my kid sister – my mother’s last born. We are as close as siblings can be. That is why we have stayed together for this long.”
With such response, the blogosphere has gone wild with the report but when Nigerianfilms.com sort to confirm the report, the singer through a phone conversation affirmed the report but stated that he was only using those words to qualify the kind of woman he married.
According to him, “They wanted to know the secret of my marriage and I had to tell them what has made my marriage last. I understand that people will misinterpret it, it’s not a problem. How can I marry my kid sister, is it possible? He laughs.”