muazu and oyegun
muazu and oyegun

IF wishes were horses beggars would ride, for every political human being would want to ascribe to a higher position of leadership or authority; a president, yrs! a governor, yes!! a senator yes!!! Name it.
To what extent is the average Nigerian Political leader ready to make sacrifice or bear the brunt of office rather than the spoil of the office. Your guess is as good as mine.
If previous Nigerian political sages; Late Dr. Nnamdi Azikiwe, Alhaji Tafawa Balewa, Sir Ahmedu Bello, Obafemi Awolowo etc. had put the cat before the horse nay engage self political aggrandizement, and greed, then, the Nigerian independence of 1960 would pot have been won on a platter of gold but with doggedness and political sagacity, they won independence cheaply from the colonial masters for their people.
In the current political terrain where primaries had been held across the board for most of the parties; for both executive and legislative offices at both tiers of government, we just hoped that the best aspirant had succeeded whether in presidential, gubernatorial or legislative offices.
To whom much is given, much is equally expected from him or her or them. Today, the political scenario demands for political leadership at all spheres guided
Wisdom, vision, not tailored on personal greed or self aggrandizement. By Leadership should tailored on patriotism to one’s fatherland or statehood. The would be political leaders in 2015 and beyond must be prepared to tackle the issues hereby outlined:

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1. Graduate youths unemployment
2. Absolute security challenges especially in the North East and North West with Boko Haram spilling the blood of innocent Nigerians with impunity everyday, this must be curtailed.
3. Redeem the current economic mismanagement exacerbated by the recent devaluation of the naira and the fall in the prize of oil in international market, Nigeria being a monolithic economy.
4. Reduce current massive corruption in high places.
5. (a). Restore breakdown of infrastructure; restore power supply, build more roads. (b) improve educational group or facilities especially at the lower cadre, primary and secondary school stratum that had been neglected before now.
The emergence of these would be president, governors, legislators from all the parties must work in harmonious relationship to legislate and implement policies on health, education, infrastructural development, agricultural provision or diversification, graduate youths employment, address security challenges, state police or vigilante be empowered.
The would be president, come post general elections era, must re-organize the army and other security agencies so as to address the current security challenges. The Nigerian Army must be given all the resources, human and material, to enable it fight head long those challenging the sovereignty of this nation.
The root cause of corruption must be addressed, welfare for civil servants, welfare for the under privileged in the society as done in advanced democracy. Legislation should be put in place for a social scheme for the needy Nigerians. This will reduce crime if graduate youths that are unemployed are given a social welfare scheme. It will reduce crime. May God give Nigeria a peaceful election come 2015 in Jesus name. Amen.