BENIN CITY – Governor Adams Oshiomhole of Edo State says the New Year 2015 will be an important one for Nigerians to vote for Change and get the country back to the path of greatness, rather than the present system at the federal level where nothing works.
According to him, “next year presents Nigerians with a unique opportunity to vote out the party which produced bad leaders who buffeted us with different excuses and fed us with empty rhetoric on why Nigeria is yet to achieve her greatness, after being in the saddle for 16 years.
“In 2015, Nigerians must rise in unison to elect credible leaders who will rise above the lethargy of the PDP government to confront the challenges facing the nation.
“It is ironic and saddening that while they preach to the downtrodden masses to tighten their belts and prepare for austere times, they continue to display nauseating indifference to the plight of the people by coming up with a war chest running into several billions of naira to prosecute a project to further impoverish the people.
“However, as progressives, we remain optimistic in the Nigerian project and we urge the people to join us and avail themselves of the opportunity next year to punish these bad leaders with our votes and ensure that the desired Change is achieved for the benefit of all.
“We must resist their plots to use ethnicity, religion and other clannish tendencies to divide us. We must never forget that poverty and bad governance are not defined by religion or ethnicity but by inefficient leadership. This is why the time for change is now, more than ever before.
“In Edo, we promise to redouble our efforts in the New Year, in spite of the lean resources accruing to the state, to complete many of the ongoing projects and initiate new ones for the benefit of our people. As we have always promised, our dear state will be the cynosure of all eyes in the country as we will leave the state far better than we met it in terms of human and infrastructural development.
“While wishing our people a blissful and bountiful New Year, we urge them to continue to support the state Government in its drive and determination to move the state to the next level.”