BENIN CITY – As work resumed yesterday for the New Year, Civil Servants in Edo State Ministries and Parastatals were not left out as they were seen in their various offices, adjusting to their assigned duties.
When The Nigerian OBSERVER went round Benin City yesterday, most offices were open for business as premises were filled with members of staff who went about their duties.
At the different ministries and parastatals in the city yesterday work was seen to have started in full force as workers were seen exchanging pleasantries having been out of duty for some days.
At the Ministry of Information along Ezoti Street, off Airport Road in Benin City, workers were seen in their offices with some of them still busy cleaning their chairs and tables.
Also at the civil service secretariat along the Benin – Sapele road, the premises was a beehive of activities as staff were noticed to be going about their normal duties.
When our reporters spoke to civil servants across the state yesterday, some said the New Year and Eid malud holidays gave them an opportunity to be free from their duties stressing that the holidays afforded them the opportunity to unwind and get rejuvenated spiritually.
Although schools may not have resumed, both teaching and non-teaching staff were sighted at their different school environments indicating that the staff had resumed ahead of the students expected to officially resume next week.
Meanwhile, the holidays have come and gone but not all civil servants have resumed duties as it seems some are yet to report for duty as their office were still under lock and keys.
A civil servant, Gabriel Idahosa told our reporters that although not all civil servants have resumed but they were expected to be fully back to their offices before the end of the week as some were still having hard time resuming duties.