Gov. Adams Oshiomole
Gov. Adams Oshiomole

“In keeping to his promise, Comrade Adams Oshiomhole flagged off the construction of roads which spread over the three senatorial districts of Edo South, Edo North and Edo Central. The implication of this fact is that all the 18 local Government Areas are direct beneficiaries of this lofting drastic project’’– Quoted in Nowinta’s book: Conqueror of the godfathers(Page 79).Few days ago, I watched a Peoples Democratic Party’s (PDP) sponsored jingles on the Independent Television (ITV) based in Benin city, Nigeria, showing some pictures of dilapidating buildings, bad roads and erosion ravaged areas etc.The jingles was nothing but a calculated attempt to undermine the giant strides which Comrade Adams Oshiomhole has recorded so far in his six years rule over Edo State.
Looking at such ridiculous propaganda put up by the Peoples Democratic Party in the state, any rationale, objective and progressive mind like this writer will dismiss such desperate attempt as mischievous, fraudulent, false and parochial. I was actually going to do a piece on summary of memorable events in the year 2014, when I suddenly changed my mind to address some of the recent deeds of Comrade Adams Oshiomhole,as we wrap up the year.
Before, I will dwell effectively on the recent diary of Comrade Governor Oshiomhole, which I have dubbed: “Season of Commissioning of Roads”, it is imperative to analyze recent issues of political development in Edo state.
It is no longer news that the PDP stalwarts and supporters have been bubbling with falsehood, unrestrained propaganda and reckless bravado that the Adams Oshiomhole administration has done little or nothing to celebrate; that come 2015 House of Assembly Elections, they will snatch majority members and subsequently impeach the Comrade Governor.
This new wave of confidence being displayed by the PDP in Edo state actually began when some law makers were lured heavily from the All Progressive Congress (APC) to decamp to the PDP. Only recently two members of PDP (law makers) have approached the Sam Igbe led Edo State House of Assembly for the purpose of reconciliation and cooperation. It is clear now where the winning side is in the recent “Struggle” as to who is actually in charge and in control?
There has been this talk about the “New” PDP being thrown around. What is “NEW” and “OLD” about the PDP? The fact remains that the bulk still stops at the table of the “famous godfather”, who always dictate who and what should be at the level of the PDP. This obvious fact of the matter is that political leopards have never been known to change their spots. If the masses of Edo state allow the PDP to have their way in February House of Assembly election, and in the subsequent Governorship election in Edo state, affliction will definitely trace its way back. If the famous godfather is allowed to install his stooge as governor of Edo state come 2016, the state will be most miserable?
Have we forgotten where Edo state was in November 2008? Comrade Adams Oshiomhole met an ocean of decay and rot, which he has systematically tried to clean and clear. Who says any administration will wipe away an ocean of massive mess in six or eight years? I know the rationale and sensitive people of Edo State will never reckon with the ongoing sponsored jingles being relayed on the screen of Independent Television.
Events of the recent past (PDP administration) in Edo State indeed violated the spirit of governance which was precipitated by incompetent leadership and insensitivity to the wishes and aspirations of the people. Much more disturbing was the palpable loss of confidence in the political leadership of Edo State before April 14, 2007 elections, as poverty stricken citizens were manipulated by political elite to achieve their selfish, egocentric and destructive ambitions.
No one single administration can answer all the questions and challenges of governance in one stretch. That is why we must commend the efforts of Bar. OsarodionOgie, Commissioner for Works (eloquently able and focused) and the extraordinary Governor of Edo State, Comrade Adams Oshiomhole for their marvellous efforts recently which I called “Season of Commissioning of Roads”.
General MuhammaduBuhari, the All Progressive Congress (APC) Presidential Candidate averred during the commissioning of Ayogwiri-Apana – Okpekpe Road in Etsako on December 1st 2014 as follows: “A road like this Okpekpe road will boost the economy and it is something that only government can provide as it has been done by Edo State government… There is no doubt that this road will give accessibility to this community”.
OgbeniRauf Aregbesola on December 7th, 2014, who was carried away when commissioning Isua-Uzenema Road in Esan North East Local Government Area, the 12 blocks of 37 classrooms at Asoro Grammar School, and the rebuilt Annunciation Catholic College, in Irrua declared in one of the venues: “A responsible government will always struggle to ensure that all citizens have access to the best”.
Comrade Oshiomhole said at the above ceremony that is the road leading to the home of PDP’s Board of Trustees, Chairman, that :“As the season for seeking votes approaches, people are going to come with all kinds of things. We must insist that the political discourse should be based on record report cards and that is why in Edo, we insist it should be based on politics of “eye mark” and not “earmark”.
Even as the New Lagos Road etc, have been commissioned by the national leader of APC,Asiwaju Ahmed Bola Tinubu, few days ago too, as responsible citizens we must always insist on practical performance, not political sentiments or heavily sponsored jingles. There is no alternative to good governance anywhere in the world.

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