It was a gathering of
failures, persons who
have been rejected by their constituencies, those rejected by other political parties, Igbo smokers, cocaine sniffers, fake pastors, Barristers that have never appeared in court one day, dubious contractors,  desperate Pharmacists,  ex- council chairmen who stole Ovia South West blind  best described as oyi of oyi, and other dregs of the society who converged on Iguobazuwa to present themselves to the electorate as candidates and supporters  for the February general elections.
Led by the loquacious, boastful, but never-do-well Chief Dan Orbih, some of them said they will take over the repairs of Upper Siluko road being constructed by the Comrade Adams Oshiomhole’s administration. Others claimed they would make laws to better the lots of Edos. Some said they will make laws that would transform Nigeria in Abuja.
Expectedly, they went there with all their lies, false allegations,  wayo and dgibiti. They tried in vain to tell the people what was not possible and promised to build bridges where there are no Rivers as if Edo people do not know them. But Edo People are marvelous people who understand politics more than the deceivers who converged on Iguobazuwa.  PDP cannot fool anybody again in Edo land as we approach next month’s general elections.
Once the rally of a few persons got underway, the piri piri Chairman, Dan Orbih was quick to release two forged documents, alleging that the Edo State Comrade Governor spent N142million to host General Muhamadu Buhari and  Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu when they came commissioning some projects in Edo State recently. But the good news is that Edo people understand that Dan Orbih  was telling white lies using fake documents as back up. Some persons in the crowd even hissed at his comments was perceived as misleading. Even during the party primaries, Dan Orbih did a lot of abracadabra that shocked most members who have been defecting in droves to the All Progressives Congress (APC) since they ended their wayo primaries.
They shifted from that he said the Siluko Road was not constructed and that a PDP government would construct the road that is nearing completion by the Comrade Governor, Adams Oshiomhole. The questions to ask the PDP never-do-wells are: When they were given the opportunity for ten years, with a governor from Ovia, why was the Upper Siluko Road not constructed? Why is it now that Comrade Adams Oshiomhole is constructing the road that Dan Orbih is saying the PDP will construct the road? Oshiomhole has made tremendous progress in the construction of the road as the contractor and workers are on site, who should Edo people believe as we go into next month’s elections: An administration that has awarded the contract for the construction of the Upper  Siluko road, mobilized the contractors on site and construction work in progress or  a party that had a governor from the area who ruled for eight  years and another governor for two years without doing anything now  promising that when Ovia people vote for them in February, they will consider constructing the road from November 2016 when perhaps they become governor?
Is it in the administration of the two local governments in Ovia? Those PDP waifs had the opportunity of governing Ovia South West and Ovia North East for many years. What did they do for our people? Ovia people cannot be fooled by that  illicit gathering. These are well known characters that have had ample opportunity to play their roles and that is why we can safely conclude that these persons are out to deceive Ovia people because of the February elections and they must be rejected at the polls.
The two persons who were said to have  left APC for PDP at the rally are not even known within the APC fold and there is every likelihood that they would collect the monies being thrown around by the PDP, but we are certain that they would still vote APC.
Going by one of my articles when the PDP converged on Uromehe, Orhionmwon Local Government Area in October for a similar mission, I made some prophecies which have come to pass. I recall stating that “as we approach next general elections, the nation’s  political landscape is daily becoming interesting with increasing dumping of the Peoples Democratic Party by its erstwhile loyalists. In the PDP of today, there is apathy, distrust, hatred, oppression, favouritism, impunity,  dog -eat -dog, and several other negative attributes.  That is why those who know what is in the offing for them are already having a rethink in Edo and are daily moving in droves into the APC.”
I also stated that “all those public show of going to obtain forms by PDP aspirants would collapse like a park of cards because already,  the names of PDP candidates for each position were already being compiled in Uromi. All those who troop to PDP party secretariat to obtain nomination forms would soon discover the truth that intrigues and godfatherism rule the PDP. They would all be shocked how candidates would emerge and that is when they would know that the APC they know, is better than the PDP that have never known.” This was my comment in October, after the PDP primaries, have I not been vindicated? Aspirants were shocked to their bones how the godfather doctored and manipulated the process. Today there is widespread apathy, cry of discontent, deceit, and distrust  in Edo PDP.
It is important to state that the APC  own Edo State and other parties, including the PDP are spectators! I say this because of the Oshiomhole administration  has crushed opposition in the state through visible developments going on in all parts of the state, not just in Ovia South West and North East, but in all parts of the state. It is unprecedented in the history of Edo State and Ivbi Edo Nuzomon would  not want to risk their fate in the hands of the pathetic PDP led by garrulous gangsters who would stop at nothing in frittering the state’s resources. This is why the APC will sweep the 2015 polls in Edo. We have done it before and we would repeat our winning streak again.  Edo people would turn out again to give APC massive votes as usual because the party under Adams Oshiomhole has established confidence in their hearts over the years. Edo people cannot also forget in a hurry their bitter experiences in the hands of the Peoples Democratic Party, PDP. Some aptly call them People Deceive People.  As a party, the APC has been keeping  its own side of the contract with Edo people in spite of obvious attempt by the Federal Government to deprive  it of its statutory entitlements.
Also,   events of the last six months have seen the PDP high and mighty  already  jittery as we approach the February election where the APC hopes to take over the leadership of the nation.  The emergence of Muhamadu Buhari and Pastor Osinbajo as the APC Presidential and Vice-Presidential candidates has presented the needed alternative for a positive change Nigerians have been clamouring to have. People are sick and tired of the PDP government that cannot provide electricity, employment, and manage the economy in a way that is beneficial to the common man. Nigerians are tired of a PDP government that cannot end insurgency and other crimes in the land. A nation where Boko Haram will move into a secondary school with seven 911 trucks and loaded them with 258 Chibok girls and for over 282 days cannot be rescued by government is not safe and the government cannot be trusted to guarantee anyone’s security.
An administration that cannot fight corruption, rather rewards corruption cannot be trusted with our destinies. Every January 1st, President Goodluck Jonathan has habitually  promised to fight corruption. As many times he promised to fight corruption, in such numbers he fails to fight corruption. Can such a government be trusted to fight corruption? The answer is; no.
As a people, what do we do? We need to keep our voters card ready by February and vote out this inept government at the centre that has caused Nigerians more pains and despair than any other regime. We need to vote out this corrupt government that cannot guarantee our development and security but have stolen so much of our common wealth. We need to enthrone the APC government that would be led by Buhari and Osinbajo who have impeccable records to develop Nigeria and fight corruption head on.
·Mr. Dan Owegie is a Chieftain of the All Progressives Congress (APC), Edo State.

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