GOD has no need to run after men and beg them to believe in his existence. Nor are his servants sent out forever to admonish people an no account to turn away from him. This world would indeed be absurd. To think and expect such things is a dishonouring and debasing of the sublime God head.
This erroneous conception causes great harm. It is fostered by the behaviour of many truly earnest pastors who, out of a real love for God and men, try again and again to convert people who turn only to material things, to convince them and win them over to the church. All this only tends immeasurably to increase man’s conceit in regard to his importance, of which there is more than enough already and in the end really to place many under the delusion that they must be begged to strive for what is good.
This is also, the cause of the strange attitude of the majority of all believers, whose example is more often a deterrent than an inspiration. Thousands upon thousands feel a certain inner satisfaction, an exaltation, in the consciousness that they believe in God, that they utter their prayers with such earnestness as they are capable of bring up and that they do not intentionally harm their neighbours.
In this inner exaltation they feel a certain reward for goodness, thanks from God for their obedience and they sense a being linked with God of whom they also, think at time with a certain sacred thrill that produces or leaves behind a state of bliss, in which they reveal.
But these legions of believers take the wrong course living happily in a self created delusion, they are unaware that it numbers them with those Pharisees who with the genuine but mistaken feeling of gratitude, bring their small sacrifices “lord, I thank thee that I am not as other men are” (Abd-ru-shin).
Abd-ru-shun the author of “in the light of truth” says, it will be easier for many who now are still absolute unbelievers to enter the kingdom of God than for all the legions with their conceited humility, who do not really stand before God in simple supplication, but indirectly demanding that he rewards them for their prayers are pious words. Their petitions are demands, their inner being hypocritical. They will be swept away like empty chaff before his countenances they will have their reward, certainly, but it will be different from what they imagine. They have already satiated themselves long enough on earth in the consciousness of their own value.
The feeling of well-being will rapidly disappear on passing into the Ethereal World, where the inner intuitive perception, which is scarcely sensed here, will come to therefore, while the feeling of hitherto mainly produced only by thoughts will be blown to nothing. The inner, silent, so-called humble expectation of something better is really nothing but a demand, even though it be expressed differently, in however beautiful words.
Abd-ru-shin opines that every demand, however, is a presumption God alone has to demand. Nor did Christ come pleading to mankind with his message, but warning and demanding. He certainly gave explanations about the truth but he did not enticingly hold out rewards before the eyes of his hearers to spur them on to become better. Calmly and sternly he commanded serious seekers. “Go thou and do likewise.
God stands before humanity demanding, not enticing and pleading, not lamenting and grieving. He will calamity abandon to the darkness all the wicked, even all the wavering ones, so that, those who are striving upwards shall no longer be exposed to their attacks, enabling the others thoroughly to experience everything they consider to be right and thus, come to the recognition of their error.
What separates so many from the light today. Like deepest night, ethereal darkness lies spread over this earth for a very long time already. So dense and firm is the suffocating embrace in which it holds the earth that every ascending light perception is like a flame which without oxygen, loses its power and quickly fading dies out.
Abd-ru-shin says that this ethereal condition, now manifesting at its worst, is dreadful. Anyone permitted for only seconds to glimpse what is happening would from sheer horror be deprived of all hope of salvation. And all this has been brought about through the guilt of men themselves. Through the guilt of their propensity for what is base. Mankind have been their own worst enemy. Now, even those few who are once more earnestly striving upwards are also, in danger of being swept into depths, towards which others are now-developing at a sinister speed.
It is like a close embrace, which is followed inevitably by fatal absorption into the sultry, tenacious swamp, in which everything sinks without a sound. There is no longer a struggling, but only a still, silent, gruesome choking. And man goes not recognise it spiritual indolence blinds him to this fateful happening.
But all the time, the swamp is sending forth its poisonous emanations, which slowly weary those who are still strong and alert, so that, they too, will fall asleep and sink away powerless.
That is the state of affairs on earth today it is not a picture that is unfolding there with, but life. Since all ethereal matter bears forms created and animated through men’s intuitive perception, such a happening actually takes place continually. And this is the environment that awaits men when they must leave this earth and cannot be led upwards to the more luminous and beautiful regions. But the darkness grows ever more dense.
Therefore, Abd-ru-shin says the time draws near when for a while, this earth must be left to the rule of darkness, without direct help from the light, because, humanity enforced this through their volition. The consequences of the time when John was once permitted to behold, when God will veil his countenance.
Everywhere there is night. Yet during the deepest affliation when everything, including what is better, is also, in danger of sinking away at the time dawn will now break. But the dawn will first bring the travail of a great purification which is inevitable before, the salvation of all serious seekers can begin, for no helping hand can be offered to all those who purse base ends. They shall fall headlong into those treble depths were alone, they can still help for an awakening through such forments that they must come to leathe themselves.
Those who with sneers and apparent impunity have hitherto been able to hinder the upward striving ones will become silent and more pensive, until finally, begging and whimpering, they will supplicate for the truth.
Abd-ru-shin opines that it will not be so easy for such, they will be irresistibly led through the mile stones of the inexorable laws of Divine Justice, until in the experiencing, they come to the recognition of their errors.
In the course of his travels, he could see that a firebrand was hurled among the indolent human spirits with the word, which declares that no man can lay claim to divinity, whereas just at this time much efforts is bent upon discovering God within oneself, so that ultimately man himself might also become God.
Peace and Joy.

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