LAGOS-  The Federal Roads Committee on Surveillance and Action Against Road Abuse (FERCSARA) has decried the destruction of the base of pedestrian and overhead bridges in Lagos by trucks laden with goods.
The acting Chairman of the committee, Mr Kehinde Afolabi, told newsmen  in Lagos of  his feeling on the maller.
Afolabi, therefore, called for the installation of Closed Circuit Television for effective monitoring and surveillance toward arresting erring truck drivers.
“The head room of what they are carrying is higher than the head room of the pedestrian or overhead bridge.
“It happens on the federal highways too when a particular container is higher than the head room of the pedestrian bridge or a normal bridge.
“In such case, you just see an accident occurring; the vehicles would (now) have to be impounded and the owners made to pay to repair the damage to the bridge.
“FERCSARA has sanctions already in place, but what is still disturbing FERCSARA is the accounts that we have not been able to open.
“We have tried to open accounts, but we want to follow the due process, by which we open an account with the Central bank of Nigeria (CBN); but we will make the offender to fix it back before we can release.
“Except if it is in the middle of the night, we are having sabotage like that but we that we don’t have a choice.
“Some of our roads are being damaged by overloading at times; we might not be there, but we have our policemen on the roads.“