Cooked animal protein causes a multitude of problems. In
the previous chapter, you discovered the reasons why eating
meat isn’t good for humans. Here are a few other things that might make you lose your appetite for eating food that comes from something with a face.
1. As we read earlier, cooking meat destroys all enzymes, which are necessary for even a carnivorous animal to digest the flesh they eat.
2. The protein content of a daily meat diet far exceeds the body’s protein needs. The average American consumes well over 100 grams of protein a day, which is three to four times the amount mainstream nutritionists say is necessary
3. Diseased meats are everywhere in our mass-produced food supply. E-coli, mad cow, and salmonella are only a few of the meat-carried sicknesses that make headlines. Diseased animals are constantly sold to fast-food chains that buy them cheaply and manage to process them under USDA radar. Howard F Lyman, a fourth generation cattle rancher wrote about the underbelly of the cattle industry in his tell-all book, Mad Cowboy. After reading it, you’ll join Lyman in giving up meat for good.
4. Most seafood you buy is now contaminated to varying degrees by mercury, PCB’s, dioxins, and other industrial pollutants and chemicals from agricultural runoff. Seafood has become a reservoir for toxins and infections diseases that concentrate in their fatty tissues. Eating raw oysters and fish invites parasites and bacteria. Cooked kills most of the pathogens, but does nothing to the toxins.
Now, are you ready to dive right into the other grisly details of why you don’t want to eat from the body of another?
The single most destructive thing you can put into body is something of an animal origin: beef, Poultry, Your milk, cheese, and eggs that comes from something with a face. A few years back I was giving a seminar at a church, when a wise guy raised his hand and asked if I counts fish on my list of killer foods, 1 asked, “Does it have a face fl He grinned and said, “Not after I cut the head off.”
So what’s wrong with animal products? I begin losing credibility with some people when I talk about animal products because we’ve been programmed to think we get our protein from the animal flesh and calcium from the dairy. That’s what we’re taught from the time we’re “knee-high to a grasshopper,” But, my friends, we were taught something absolutely not true, and I’ll prove it to you.
If there is protein in the flesh of an animal, then where did all that protein come from? It came directly from the grass it ate! If there’s calcium in the cow’s milk, where did all that calcium come from? The grass! All the nutrients in an animal first came through the raw vegetation it ate. And when you eat the animal, you are getting the nutrients secondhand. I haven’t eaten animal flesh since 197+. You might ask, “Well, where do you get your protein?” And I would have to answer “Where does the cow get its protein?” From the raw vegetation, of course!
It may surprise you to learn that all fruits and vegetables contain protein, and that vitamins and minerals come from r fruits and vegetables too. Do you remember those charts that were posted in the school cafeteria illustrating the four basic food groups? And do you remember the big print boldly stating that proteins, including meat and dairy, were one entire group. If you read the fine print closely, you would have seen that special
Interest groups brought those posters to you, including the meat farmers! Fortunately, the official food groups have d with slightly more objectivity. But the propaganda still rings loudly in our subconscious.
Animal products are currently the cause of up to 90 percent of all physical problems experienced by people. The average person who consumes animal products puts into their body some 100 pounds of fat in one year. Back in Bible days, meat contained roughly three percent fat. Today, beef is 20 to 40 percent fat, because of modern grain-feeding techniques. Pork is 40 to 60 per- fat. A chicken breast today, even if you remove the skin and broil it, still has a very high fat content. This fat goes into the arterial system of the body, and it doesn’t all come out. The fat collects onto the arterial walls just like bacon grease would collect in your kitchen plumbing if you were careless enough to pour it down the drain. As the coating of fat starts to narrow the arteries, it causes the heart to pump harder in order to push the blood through all that crud. This elevates the blood pressure and ultimately leads to over one third of all deaths.
If you eliminate animal products from your diet, you eliminate the risk of experiencing a heart attack by 90 percent. If you don’t consume animal products and you don’t smoke, you reduce your risk of cancer almost completely If you don’t consume animal products, you reduce the probability of adult-onset diabetes to nearly zero. If you already have adult-onset diabetes and you get the saturated fat out of your diet, you can usually get off insulin completely. We have hundreds of testimonies in this area! We’ve heard from people who have been dependent on insulin injections for 40 or 50 years. And when they changed their diet, they were able to completely stop taking insulin because their blood sugar settled in the normal range—and this has happened in as little as two months!
The primary cause of adult-onset diabetes is not sugar, although sugar aggravates the problem. It’s not the person’s pancreas that is unable to produce enough insulin; usually the Type diabetic person is producing more insulin than the non-diabetic person. The problem is caused by the saturated fat, which is coating the cells and not allowing the insulin to break through to the insulin receptors within the cell. When you remove the fat from your diet, the fat sloughs off the cells; then the insulin, body is naturally producing, works fine. You need no more additional insulin!
Another injury from a meat-based diet is the ac effect on our body’s pH balance. The high volume of protein from meats causes an excess of acidity in our bodies, which greatly reduces the alkalinity in our bodies. The most acidifying foods are animal products like meats, poultry fish, dairy, and eggs. A heightened acidic content in bodily fluids is the environment for promoting disease and ill health. This hi acidic condition is called acidosis and in prolonged cases to acidemia, which can result in coma and death.
Further evidence of widespread acidosis is the epidemic of osteoporosis today. You may wonder what osteoporosis has to do with animal products, since osteoporosis is caused by a calcium deficiency. So what’s causing the body to lose calcium? You see, the ideal pH in our blood, as I stated earlier, is 7.4 on the acid alkaline scale.
The body is always working on our behalf, trying to correct the things we are doing to it. If we keep throwing acid products in, the body has to find a way to neutralize that acidity. The most alkaline substance in the greatest quantity in our bodies is calcium; and so the body literally must go into the bone and teeth to extract enough calcium to neutralize the acidity caused by the consumption of animal products and other things like soda pop. As a result, we eventually get osteoporosis. But when we stop putting the acid products into our bodies and we start on a diet high in raw Vegetables and fruits, our bodies start to alkalize just as God originally planned it. Go back to your doctor a year after you start The Hallelujah Diet, and you’ll likely find that your bone density has improved and you are well on your way to overcoming the problem. If you stop consuming animal products and other acid-producing foods, you reduce your risk of osteoporosis almost completely.
Animal products also cause injury to your digestive tract. If a person doesn’t consume animal products, he or she Will reduce the risk of acid stomach problems by almost 100 percent. No more reflux! Other digestive problems also clear up—from the liver; to the large intestine and colon, to the kidneys and the urinary tact. When we stop sowing bad things into our bodies, our organs will almost always correct whatever physical injuries have been inflicted upon them.
But we’ve been programmed to believe it’s never our fault; we’re taught to fear germs and bacteria; and we’re told our physical ailments are often in our genes. I was told I had cancer because my mother had colon cancer—that it was genetic. But when I changed what I ate, the cancer went away So was it in the genes? Or was it in the diet? It’s a huge question, and the answer will either put responsibility for your health in your own hands today-literally, in the knife and fork you wield—or in the hands of a surgeon tomorrow, who will wield whatever instruments of treatment he was taught to trust. And so, the first and foremost choice we must make if we want to get well, is to stop doing what created the problem. My friends, consuming animal products is the number-one culprit!
Dairy products are just as dangerous to the body as meat— and I’m talking cow milk! You might say, “Preacher, surely there’s nothing wrong with cow milk!” My answer is always the same: “You’re right! There is absolutely nothing wrong with cow milk! In fact, God made that cow milk.. .for baby cows! Just like He made pig milk for baby pigs, and dog milk for baby dogs, and cat milk for baby cats, and mouse milk for baby mice.
So why don’t humans choose to drink mouse milk? I guess it was a little hard to get out of the mouse! Just look at nature—how many animals in the wild drink the milk of another species of animal? We never seem to make the association that putting another animal’s custom fuel-blend into our bodies or our children’s bodies may be the cause of the physical problems we experience. When you give cow milk (or formula or soy milk) to human babies, it can cause colic, ear infections, throat infections, swollen glands, allergies, asthma, and diaper rash. Why? Because it’s the wrong fuel for the species. Our Creator brilliantly designed the proper fuel mix for every mammal on earth to come from the proper source for its newborn offspring—namely, the mother’s breast of each individual baby.
How many animals in the wild drink milk after the a weaning? Look at the full-color magazine advertisements of some Hollywood celebrities sporting white mustache. Subliminally it says, “Grown-ups drink milk. And it is good.” But read the small print. It says, “Paid for by the American Dairy Association”. Someday, I’d love to have the money here at Hallelujah Acres to take out similar ads. Only, instead of White Hallelujah let’s put orange mustaches or green mustaches on People and say, “Drink your vegetable juice” or, “Drink your barley juice!”
How many animals in the wild Pasteurize their milk? They would never do such a stupid thing. Pasteurization takes the temperature up to approximately 170 degrees; and at just 107 degrees, the enzymes within that milk start to break down and die. At 150 degrees, the protein molecules start to derange. Any “good” bacteria (or probiotics) found in raw milk is killed off- along with the bad bacteria found in mass-milking-procedures so those benefits are also neutralized. The living enzymes in raw milk are necessary to allow organic calcium to hitch a ride to the bones and teeth; so pasteurization destroys even more of the nutritional value and changes the organic minerals into elemental minerals, a form that is toxic to the body.
Dairy products are filled with saturated butterfat, which not only leads to heart disease and diabetes, but also carries a huge dose of cancer-causing pesticides, which the cows gather from the foods they eat. The pesticides eaten by animals while grazing are stored directly in the fat of the animal at an 800-percent higher concentration than found in the plant matter it ate. Consuming the fat from either the animal’s flesh or its butterfat will deliver secondhand toxic substances directly to one’s own body. Besides the pesticides, other contaminants like bacteria, antibiotics, and growth hormones also find their way into the milk. The growth hormones given to cows and other corporate farm products like poultry have been directly linked to an earlier onset of puberty in our current generation of children.
Cow milk is not designed to be food for humans; and all the toxic and Injurious properties we’ve already discussed about the saturated fats in meats also apply to the butterfats found in dairy products. All the physical problems meat will cause in your body will also be caused by dairy, cheese, and, yes, even eggs. One egg has the yolk has the cholesterol of a whole pound of beef.
Friends, I hope this information has turned you away from some of your favorite killer foods. I realize it will be hard for you to change your eating habits, but I also know that if you do, one and your children will thank God for it.