BENIN CITY – Governor Adams Oshiomhole of Edo State has flagged off the reconstruction and dualisation of the 3.6km 2nd East Circular Road in Benin City.
Speaking at the flagging off of the road, yesterday, Oshiomhole said, “we are not resurfacing the old East Circular Road. What we are doing is a complete redesign and reconstruction. We are replacing the old 7-meter wide road with 14.5 meters wide dual carriage road so that this road will no longer be just one road but it will be dual carriage way complete with street lights and a median with plants and trees.
“We will also ensure that on both sides of the road, that drains are provided for and that those drains are covered so they don’t breed mosquitoes that will disturb the market women. This is the kind of road you will find anywhere in the world. I believe that the people of this community deserve everything that Government can do because we have always won election in this part of this area.
“We must dedicate and recognize that this work has been made possible because we have had in the House of Assembly, men and woman who believes that Edo State Government project should be design in a way that will deliver the greatest happiness to the greatest number. Without the support and the legal backing by the Hon. Speaker, Uyi Igbe this road will not have been possible”, he said.
“Now they say the half of the money comrade is using is from Federal Government. So the one you took for 10 years, where is the money? So when they say Federal Government is the one supporting comrade, the question then is; was the PDP Federal Government withholding money from PDP Edo State Government in the past 10 years? If it is true that it is only APC Government that knows how to collect money from PDP federal government, is that not a reason to keep PDP out of government forever?
“If I can collect money from PDP federal government to build the number of red roofs we have done, imagine if that same Federal Government is now in the hands of APC, will they not give us more money to build more red roofs and other infrastructure? We can never return to Egypt, we will move on.
He said, “The only thing I plead for is that this coming election they have postponed by 6 weeks, we must vote them out, so I ask you to maintain peace, spread the message and on March 28, vote for change at the Federal Level.
“Vote for change because we need to raise the political awareness. Those who said they were helpless over Boko Haram suddenly now say that in 6weeks, they will do what they couldn’t do in 6 years which means somebody knew what should be done but failed to do it so they can use it as an excuse to postpone elections.”
In his remarks, the Commissioner for Works,  Hon. Osarodion Ogie said that the road has not been worked on in the past 50 years.
He said, “Last year you paid a visit to this area and did promise that this road was going to be reconstructed. What we are seeing today is a fulfillment of that promise you made to the people of this community. This road is one of the three main arteries roads connecting Sapele roads through Sakponba road to Akpakpava Road and they are major roads that involve a lot of commercial activities.
“Those now showing 2nd East Circular Road on television were in government for 10 years but forgot that this road needed to be constructed but today you have shown in your usual way that when government says something, it carries it out”.
Earlier the Leader of the Market Women, Mrs. Blacky Omorogie said the road had been impassable for the past 20 years and thanked the governor for his bold move to reconstruct the road.

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