IT is barely few weeks to the February polls many Nigerians are gearing up for a successful general elections.
Opinions might seem to be divided on who to vote for, however, a number of Nigerians are certain on who they will be casting their votes for, and for a number of reasons.
When The NIGERIAN OBSERVER ‘visited the town yesterday various Nigerians had different views on the leaders they hope to vote for, and they are all looking for a leader that will bring about peace and stability in the country.’
When our reporters spoke to a cross section of the public, Mr. Solomon Yinka, when interviewed, urged Nigerians to vote for the leader who they think can make the country proud.
Also speaking with our reporters, Mrs. Blessing Nwankwo said for a better and peaceful election there should be maximum security details to control anyone that will try to cause havoc in the polling centres.
Nigerians were also advised to embrace a credible and peaceful election in the forth coming polls. This note was made at an Interactive meeting between the resident Electoral Commissioner, Mr. Mike Ogini and stakeholders in Edo State, recently.
The commissioner further stressed that facilities have been put in place to ensure a peaceful and credible election.
He said anyone caught causing problem would be made to face the full wrath of the law.
Meanwhile, following the call for the postponement of the February General Elections by the National Security Adviser to the president, Alhaji Sambo Dasuki, some saying it will do the country no good.
They say it will only give greedy and over ambitious politicians time to manipulate the electoral commission and related machineries and use them to their favour.
Reasons can be seen in the sight of the people in their believe that the postponement of the February General Elections, can lead to an incredible poll, marred by political gimmicks.
Although some people have embraced the call for the postponement of the polls as it will help the people choose a suitable leader that will work for their favour, more than half of the populace are kicking against it.
Speaking with our reporter in Benin metropolis Miss Sophia Efeturi said she is in support of the postponement of the Election because it will help her to access the various candidates in the election and make an informed choice.
In this up coming election their have been much tension, campaign leading to it has been fraught with so much bitterness, mudslinging and rancour.
The candidates, especially at the presidential level; have turned the social media upside down with their negative politicking.
They insult, cast aspersions on their opponents aside trying so hard to sow the seed of discord among political supporters.
For the first time, personal secrets are being unearthed aimed at scoring cheap political points. It is no longer strange to hear catchy words like “Sai Buhari,” “Change Jonathan… now, now, now” or “FeBuhari” or “Jonathan till 2019,” or “Failbuhari 14, 2015 Election.”
Skirmishes abound at all levels, either the campaign train of a candidate is attacked or another is being threatened not to show up. Ghana for instance to which political bill boards of the two Nigerians had to be graciously removed stated that they want to maintain relations with Nigeria after the elections under mining whichever candidate wins.
John Kerry, the United States Secretary of state has called on them to watch what they say and maintain peace and decorum.
This shows that Nigeria has an important position in the comity of states.
However, despite the setbacks, the electioneering process has made the electorates more politically informed to make meaningful choices. They are now able to sift fact from propaganda as they strive to make an informed choice.
As politicians make promises, the masses have started taking note of them with the view of holding them against their words.

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