PRIVATIZATION world over has become a crucial factor in the mainstream of any economy for any meaningful development to take place in a particular country or countries.
Developed nations around the world also knew the importance of privatization have since encouraged this from the period of industrial revolution in both Euro-Asia and the American countries creating an enabling environment for individual participation in the business of their nations over the years, Nigeria had since followed in the tread of privatization by selling most of its moribund firms and industries to private individuals for greater efficiency. The telecom industry is a very good example of privatization where many service providers are now in the field of play from local and international organizations.
This development of privatization seemed to have informed most of our female ladies who are now into the habit of privatizing their private parts in a bid to maximize their natural resources along most of our streets and hideouts in cities.
It is very disheartening to see most of these our young girls nowadays cluster in these hideouts between the hours of 7pm to 10pm waiting for who would be their customer. Surprisingly, most of these girls are undergraduates combining their high-class prostitution with their studies on our various higher institutions in Nigeria. Most of these our private parts seller sisters are either part-time or full–time hawkers who usually display the supposed Godly endowments as wares along the streets and hideouts usually close to hotels and even at club houses and not to mention the various Abuja connections where our so-called honourables and Alhajis are in town.
It sounds absurd when people say that poverty is the main cause of this barbaric and self exploitative act. If such people who have thrown prudence to the winds have no regards for religious principles, what about moral principles? Is it completely dead? Or is it avaricious tendencies that push these fellows into such a crime? But I wonder most of these our sisters are children of well-to-do parents in the society
Many of these student-prostitutes usually leave their homes with the impression of going to school for academic pursuits only to abandon their studies for their various trips to big cities where ‘Awilo and their G-strings’ otherwise known as catapult could fetch them hot monies and some of them only resurface on campus when there are crucial tests and examinations.
In this kind of privatization of private parts, many of our young ladies have sent themselves to early graves either through accident or rituals while some of them who may have been lucky are in perpetual pains that they would never forget in a hurry.
How about those specialists at the local level who only turned their hostels into brothels all in the name of looking for money. Some of them normally work at nights and rest during the day to recover from the marathon sex exercise of previous night either as short time (ST) or till day break (TDB). In fact, one needs to witness when these girls are bargaining either for ST or TDB depending on the man involved.
If not for the very few innocents ones, rape cases around the schools would have been a justified pay for displaying the sacred parts for the admiration of the polluted minds of those guys who go after anything in skirts.
Despite the dressing code being introduced by various higher institutions in the country, these girls seem not to change. But if I may ask, could this be the Nigeria version to industrial revolution? Or are we still saying the beautiful ones are not yet born? These generations of young girls are worse than Jezebel in the bible times, even those who are just growing up could send wrong signals and transmit radio message to attract their customers.
I would have said thanks to the almighty HIV/AIDS for these set of disobedient children for serving as a dividend of their own democracy but they have also deviced other means of curtaining the virus by using the so called condom and others as a way of prevention method which has totally reduced the fear and spread of the disease among the people and make them not to be afraid of the disease any longer.
Before now, the fear of HIV/AIDS in our minds was the beginning of abstinence and sticking to one partner but with the introduction of different kinds of condoms, the young ladies seem to have been given freedom to practice what they have been seeing and watching on films as most of them go about with condoms in their bags.
Do some parents actually know what kind of trade their children plie in schools? One would not be surprised to see some parents never visit their children in school throughout their schooling to know the type of friends they keep, what they are doing with their money, time and bodies while they are alone, as most of them claim/pretend to be innocent when they are with their parents.