Abuja -The Inspector-General of Police, Mr Suleiman Abba, has said  that the force had begun investigation into inflammatory statements allegedly made by some Niger-Delta ex-militants.
Abba said this while fielding questions from newsmen shortly after the inauguration of some operational vehicles for police by President Goodluck Jonathan in Abuja.
However, he said that not every incident warrant arrest.
“Do not forget it is not at every instance you arrest someone, sometimes, the best you do is to prepare yourselves, get your evidence first.
“When you have your evidence, then you go into arrest. Arrest should normally come after the investigations, investigations are ongoing,’’ he said.
On whether the police need formal complaint on those statements, Abba said that the force did not need any formal complaint.
“I am not aware that any of my officers have said that you require complaint over that – inflammatory statements by ex-militants.
“Like I said investigations are going on, when it is the time to arrest, we will effect arrest,’’ the I-G said.
On political thuggery, Abba said that all those involved in the act during political campaign rallies had been arrested, except the incidents in Rivers state, which were still being investigated.
“There is no single incident during political rallies that arrests have not been made, except like I said earlier one or two incidents in Rivers, which investigation is still going on.
“In all other incidents arrests have been made, even when the courts were on strike, we were still able to make arrangements where they (thugs) were properly secured.
“Now that some of the courts are back, prosecution has already commenced in that regard, but remember it is not in every state that we witness thuggery,’’ he said.
The I-G, who said that none of the political rallies had been disrupted by act of thuggery, expressed happiness that the exercise was gradually coming to an end.
“Most of the leaders of the political parties have sent commendations to the fact that we are able to provide sufficient security for them to conduct their rallies and campaigns,’’ he said.