God created a woman, and saddled her with the responsibilities of motherhood. That is, she receives a seed, carries it for certain months and produces a baby, that becomes her responsibility to mould and to shape (a tiny babe to adulthood). Lincoln has this to say “All that I am, or ever hope to be, I owe to my angel mother.” No wonder an adage says “the hands that rock the cradle rules the world”.
Mother — A female parent who bears or rears children (biological and spiritual). Overflowing — To overfill something, to fill a space to capacity beyond its limit. In other words, an overflowing mother is a female parent, who carries out her motherly roles beyond expected limits or a woman who goes extra-mile in her motherly responsibilities, indeed, an outstanding woman.
Listed are biblical examples of women who went extra-mile in their roles of motherhood.
1. Hannah and young Samuel, I Sam. 1:9-18, 24-28
2. The virtuous woman, Prov 31:10-31
3. Mary and Jesus, Lk. 1:26—56, 2:16— 52, Mt.2: 13—15,19—23
4. Elizabeth and John the Baptist, Lk. 1: 15,4
5. Lois and Eunice on Timothy, 2 Tim. 1:5
There are certain features or characteristics in these women that made them stand out or outstanding in their roles of motherhood that we can emulate.
Personal relationship/walk with God (born again):- The bible attested that Elizabeth was living right and filled with the Holy Spirit. This served as her energizer that strengthened her to birth and nurtured John the Baptist, the forerunner of Jesus Christ, even at her old age, Lk. 1:41-45
Ability to receive divine instructions/revelations by the Holy Spirit:- This helped Mary to run for protection when the destiny destroyer (Flerod), wanted to destroy her baby. Mt. 2:13-15.
Exemplary life style
Lois and Eunice by their lifestyle (Holy-living), were able to train and nurture young Timothy in a godly way. They were role models to him, 2Tim. I : 5,were rooted in the Word of God and were able to impart to their son and grandson. “Let the Word of Christ dwell in you richly in all wisdom,” Col. 3:16. Timothy embraced this and became vessel of honour in God’s vineyard, 2Tim. 2:15.
Hannah waited patiently in prayer and fasting to receive her Samuel and she nurtured him in the way of the Lord, weaned him and brought him to Eli to fulfill her vow to God, I Sam. 1:24-28. Prophet Samuel became one of the greatest prophets in the Old Testament
All that the angel and the wise men said concerning Jesus to Mary, were kept confidential and pondered upon in her heart, Lk. 2:19. She was able to bridle her tongue as touching the baby, if not, the enemy would have dislocated their parenthood. Prov. 31:26. In addition, overflowing mothers must add listed virtues in Prov. 31: 10-30, to those earlier discussed.
Fear of the Lord
To fear God is to obey hi and keep his commandments. Again it is the beginning of wisdom, which a mother needs to nurture, train and mold a child. Children learn from what they see parents do. We must inculcate the fear of God (through daily living) in our
children ‘Train up a child-Ecc. 12: 13—14, Prov. 31: 30b. Prov. 22:6.
Let the heart of your husband and children rely n you and your words. Be supportive in his programmes and assist your children in their school work Prov. 31: 11 — 12 “The heart of her husband doth safely trust her, so that he shall have no need of spoil. She will do him good and not evil all the days of her life.
Prov. 31: 13— 14 says that, the virtuous woman is industrious and works willingly with her hands and is also compared to a merchant ship which brings her food from afar.
Overflowing mother must teach this to the offspring. Prov. 22:29. She is an asset and not a liability who will wait for the husband to spend one kobo, always.
Giving and hospitality.
This is one of the attributes of God, “God loves and gives”, she stretches forth her hand to the needy and in her mouth is the law of kindness – Prov. 31: 20. Overflowing mothers must flow to others by the way of helping the less less-privileged, teaching the children to 1 to God and others. Lk. 6:38. A liberal soul shall be made fat Prov. 11:25.
Home keeping
The virtuous mother rises early to give food to her household and even a portion to her maid. She takes time to give her children home training which involves shaping, conditioning and disciplining. She also provides their basic needs and gives them qualitative education. The children grow up and call her blessed for giving them a future Prov. 31:15, 27—28.
The influence of a godly mother has no limit. The greatest “trust” in all the world is in her hands, she marks the pathway for generations to follow and sways the destiny of the world ultimately. She remain an inspiration the world over, for story, songs, poems and paintings. She is the symbol of hospitality and service as she holds the place of honour. And to this “I say, who can find an overflowing mother, her price is far more than rubies, and therefore, her children rise and call her blessed. She will eat with kings and the mighty and not with ordinary men. Shalom.
Hello Dad and Mum,
You are so loving and caring! I couldn’t have wished for a better family. You work so much at work and business all to give me comfort and a good future. I appreciate your care a love. I know I can always depend on you, but wait a minutes….
I will like you to understand me as I try hard to understand you. I am small boy, but a big boy now teenager!
I think I need some respect, privacy and a measure of independence; but you don’t seem to understand. I can think for myself and take decisions and I will be cool; just try me. Daddy you are not around most of the time, you are either away on official work or church work. You are successful and being celebrated outside. Dad, I need to be close to you for man to man talk, to take decisions, counsel and be my number one mentor. Mummy you are trying, You are doing the work of two people i.e. father + mother. I appreciate you and try to understand why you shout most of the time instead of simply instructing and guiding me. Don’t worry you are my mentor and a dependable parent. God sees your labour, and tears and you will enjoy when I am a full grown man and take you round the world as part of your reward.
I don’t want you to be scared of me – am just a younger you. I don’t want to be a prisoner in the house- a little counsel will help me know my limits. I am intelligent and I want to explore the world properly guided in a God fashion. I know I can be what I want to be with your support and the grace of God. Pray for me and watch out for my talents and strengths and assist me to achieve my dreams. Play down on my weaknesses.
My friends tell me of their parents who are building hospitals/law firms and engineering companies to hand over to them whether that career path is in line with their passion or not. I am glad we have sorted that out and that you respect my opinion and expect me to have a fulfilling career just like you and an overflowing one at that.
A teenager that has an overflowing anointing and blessing like me is poised to do exploits. I am focused and hope to graduate from the University in record time. I will continue to read, my bible through Genesis — Revelation at least once a year, maintain a robust relationship with my heavenly father, continue with my key board exercises and my regular practice at the scrabble; socialize with my friends of like minds and values.
So, dad and mum, fear not because Jesus has come that I may have life, and that I may have it more abundantly.
Sincerely yours in Christ, Your Overflowing Teenager.

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