LAGOS- Dr Eugene Juwah, the Executive Vice Chairman, Nigerian Communications Commission (NCC), has said that the new licences being given for robust broadband services would spur competition in the telecoms sector.
In a statement issued to  newsmen  in Lagos, Juwah said subscribers should expect more competition in the sector when the broadband era unfolded.
He said “competition in the industry had been ferocious over a decade, but what the broadband era was about to unleash could never be compared to whatever had been seen in the past.’’
Juwah said the new licences being given would usher in robust broadband services “and the beauty of telecommunications and big data era will suddenly come upon all Nigerians.
“Nigerians should watch out as real competition is about to begin in the telecommunications sector.
“We are very excited about it and we are supported by the Nigerian Communications Act 2003 and the Federal Government to promote this competition.
“We regulate a sector that affects the lives of over 140 million Nigerians; a sector that is a primary enabler of every other sector of the country’s economy or, you may want to say, life generally.’’
The NCC boss said there were weaknesses in the sector as exemplified in the quality of services but the progress that had been recorded were more than the drawbacks.
He added that the focus and transparency the commission, as a purely independent regulator, maintained in regulating the sector contributed largely to the international community having interest in Nigerian market.
“That is why investors continue to put more money in spite of discouragement by activities of some states and local councils.