ABUJA –  A Non-Governmental Organisation, the Exam Ethics Marshal International has said that it would monitor the disbursement of funds to tertiary institutions by the Tertiary Education Trust Fund (TETFUND) in 2015.
The Chairman of the organisation, Mr Ike Onyechere told newsmen in Abuja that effective monitoring of the funds would help uplift the education sector in the country.
According to him, the organsation has carried out a study on tertiary institutions and findings have shown that the application of the funds in tertiary institutions is yielding positive results.
He said: “We are convinced that the tertiary education intervention through TETFUND has been a very big success because we have been on ground and we have studied what has happened in some universities
“We discovered that the specific lessons of the TETFUND template are not being assimilated.
“The TETFUND initiative is something the education sector in Nigeria should study very well and make sure it goes on.
“Before the advent of TETFUND every person has been crying of inadequate funding in education generally; we found (out) that in two years TETFUND provided a grant of more than N150 billion to tertiary institutions.
“For Michael Okpara University of Agriculture, for example, within that period got about two or three billion naira and you can see in almost all the departments that they were able to build lecture halls, laboratories and new libraries.“
Onyechere said that the organisation had inaugurated a Tertiary Education Transformation Information Project (Project TETI) to effectively monitor and highlight the critical lessons, impact areas and success factors of TETFUND template.
He said that the project would operate through the production of documentaries and special reports on the transformation of tertiary institutions in the country.
The chairman, however, advised TETFUND to institutionalise and sustain the transformation of the tertiary education sub-sector by mandating the institutions to establish a Transformation Service Office.