Governor Adams Oshiomhole of Edo State has directed officials of Hi-Tech Construction Limited to move men and materials to the failed portion of Uwelu road for immediate fixing before the next rain sets in.
Oshiomhole gave the directive when he embarked on inspection of roads rehabilitation/construction within Benin Metropolis.
Governor Oshiomhole while expressing joy at the level of work at Uwasota road directed the project manager, Hi-Tech Construction Limited to commence work at Uwelu Road once the Uwasota Road is completely asphalted.
Oshiomhole who was crowded with hundreds of residents and traders singing songs of praises said, I can see for myself that once it rains, you can’t pass this area so I have directed the Contractor to immediately give attention to this Uwelu road so that we can restore this road, take it to Uwelu spare part market so that the entire stretch of Uwelu can be covered.
He said, “That is why I decided first to see what has been done in Uwasota because last week, I directed the contractor to get additional workers and equipments to commence work there and as you can see, we have made a lot of progress and tomorrow, like the contractor said, the asphalting of the Uwasota will commenced.
“Once that is done, you will be able to drive all the way to Ugbowo/New Lagos Road and the next challenge is to fix this portion and the other down the road so that you can drive all the way from Textile Mill Road Junction of Uwelu down to the Spare Parts market.
“We are at home with our people and that is why we say Nigeria must be changed. All these problems you see across the city are results of many years of PDP non performance and diversion of public funds to individualís pocket’.
He added, “Where majority of the people live, you canít ignore it. Now the number of persons that will pass this road when it is completely fixed in a week will be up to six million because I can see that the road connects several commercial areas”.
He assured the teeming crowd that there would be no going back in his promise to fix the road stressing, ìAll these beautiful houses that have been abandoned will be relocated by their owners once this road is fixedî.
Governor Oshiomhole used the inspection visit to educate residents of Uwelu on the danger of selling their Permanent Voters Card, (PVC) adding, ìMany desperate politicians are going about offering 5,000 naira for PVC, please do not sell your PVC, it is your power to bring about positive changeî.
He said, “Let nobody deceive you that there is going to be crisis and problem in the March 28th and April 11 General election and so there is need for you to go home.
“This is a rumor plotted by PDP because when they find out that they do not have support in certain areas, they resort to telling lies in order to cause confusion. You don’t have any other home. Where you live is your home. Until I became the Governor of Edo, I was living in the North and nobody asked me to go’, he stressed.
Governor Oshiomhole earlier was at Upper Siluko Road where he received a gift of 1,000 naira from one Mr. Austin Olumoza in appreciation of the good works done by Comrade Governor in Egor Community and Edo State in general.
Speaking with Journalists on what moved him to offer 1,000 naira gift to Governor Oshiomhole, Mr. Austin Olumoza said he was moved by the untiring effort of the Governor in executing the age-long abandoned road in the area.

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