THE first institution of a child where he learns is his home, a child passes most of his time with his parents and the environment provided to him by his parents help in enhancing his knowledge:
If parents pay attention to their children, they make scholastic achievement compared to those who are ignored.
Training up a child by parent is like embarking on a journey, if parents take care of the following things, they can impare the education of their children.
1.  Give More Time To Your Children:
Give spare time in your busy routine for your children, if you keep on ignoring your children, it will make them feel irresponsible and they lose interest in learning.
Spend time with your children as much as possible and discuss with them about their studies daily.
2.  Encourage Your Children:
Always appreciate your children. If they do well in their exam. If they get less grade encourage them for hard work.
By appreciating them for achievement in exam, they start struggling more to get more appreciation with new determination.
3.  Make time with school and college teachers of your children:
Visit your children’s school, college, once in a while and ask the class teacher about the performance of your children, it will give you the idea about the level of knowledge of your children. You come to know about the weakness of your children and then try to improve accordingly and begin to study wholeheartedly.
4.  Discuss with your children about their problems:
Your children may have some problems which hinders their study, Ask your children about their studies daily, ask them daily what they read in school. Help them in their studies if possible. In this way, children start taking interest in their studies and they will do well in their exams.
5.  Provide them supportive environment in the home:
Home Environment affect’s student’s life a lot. Create a loving environment having good relationship among all family members especially within the home. If the environment stresses the child, he will not be able to concentrate on his studies.
Create a conducive environment in the home. Don’t do much activities which can absorb the attention of children while they are studying.
Provide them a quiet place for study where they can study with more concentration about the problems and try to solve them. Be friendly while discussing with them about their problem. So that they can discuss openly.
6.  Keep Watch on the Activities of your children:
Have a watch on the daily activities of your children and see if they are utilizing their time and energy in unnecessary activities like watching movie and playing game for a lot of time.
7.  Improve the study habit of your children:
Advice your children on how to develop study habit. Make your children sleep on time and get up early. Make them sit up for study, so that they can develop the study habit, show them the tips of good study and preparation for exam. Stop them from useless activities.
8.  Your behaviour while advising them:
You should have balance in your love  and strictness shown to your children. Have love  while advising your children for studies, have authoritative behaviour while scolding your children, never beat but strictly prohibit them for wasting time on unnecessary activities.
In essence of all these, the children should know that their parents is their first teacher and should remain their best coach. Should parents expose their children to age appropriate challenges in order to encourage development as well as to explore on their own.
You and I know that as they masure and develop mastery, the scaffolding is removed, the child become more independent. And you also need to bear in mind that your child has a unique potential.