spyThe use of another person’s language, thoughts, phrases without informing the author concerned is called plagiarism. It is more or less false claim of authorship making it look like you are the originator of the sentence or idea. False claim of Authorship of a book or an idea is regarded as plagiarism, when the material is protected by copyright it is seen as a moral offence against the audience and it is described as “stealing” and cheating”.
Plagiarism comes in various forms or different ways, like copying sentences from more than one source and patching them together, buying an assignment or someone else to do your work, using almost exact copies of another person’s artwork, copying ones own previous work, which is know as self plagiarism and using of other people picture or video clios, without acknowledging them, are all kinds of plagiarism. People give different excuses for involving the act of plagiarism; some claim it is unintentional, other says it is due to ignororance, sloppiness, laziness, inexperience, assurance that they would never be caught etc but are all these worth the sever punishment that come afterwards?
Technology on its own has contributed to plagiarism, through the invention of the internet, which has made it easy for people to copy the articles and writings of other from where they are placed on Net.
In the Education sector, students plagiarizing is a serious and abominable offence that is against the school rules and regulations.
Sometimes, it is called Academic Dishonesty. Other times, its is know as Examination malpractice and results in different punishments. Institutions make use of different means to detect students involve in malpractices, give deswerved punishment as a way of discouraging other students who might be getting ready to be involverd in the act. Generally, failure in that particular assignment or course, suspension or even expulsion are given as punishment to the offenders. As for the professors and Researchers who get involved in this moral offense, loss of credibility and integrity, termination of appointment etc are given ti them by the disciplinary committee, that decides the necessary punishment.
Teachers or administrators have their way of punishing offenders, such as: Giving a failing Grade on a course, giving a lower grade on a person term paper, making the student rewrite the paper, putting the act of the student on his or her academic record, which terminates and erases the good that students has done before. What the school will now be constantly reminded of, is the malpractice he was involved in. Also the degree of that student may be canceled instead of cheating in exams with notes or phone, wouldn’t it have been better sitting down to read for your fibal papers than end all the struggles of four years with just one moral offence that could have been avoided? Suspension may be the result of been caught in the cat of malpractice?  Students is who are found guilty may receive warning. In higher institutions, any act of plagiarism any result in expulsion from school unlike some secondary or primary schools where failure in a subject could be the punishment given to the offenders. The painful part is that lectures who didn’t know of it, would have given undesned marks to those students involved, thereby being unintentionally unfair to the students who endeavour to pass on their own. Giving punishment on plagiarism sometimes depend on the age of the student or nature of the offence fro a student of 5-6, involved in malpractice cab be overlooked as ignorance and most likely beaten but a person of 12-15 caught in the act, could be given a failure grade or made to rewrite the paper. As for the nature of the offence, a student caught spying another persons work in an examination hall, can be shifted from where he or she sat to a place where he would be unable to spy, but a person caught with an incriminating materials, could be suspended or have his or her paper torn or even given a bigger punishment.
Are all these worth getting involved in this act of plagiarism? Knowing fully well that when caught it would result in wastage of time, effort wasted even money would have become a waste the fact that you don’t see it as a crime but a way use your head and help yourself, doesn’t change who get involved and are eventually expelled  final may never learn the writing skills which would help their career in life it limits their thinking ability to research on their own and write in their own words. Engaging in plagiarism is unfair to other who do the work on their own. It creates a question mark on the integrity of that school’s grade system, for example, conducting an external exam where most of the student cheated and passed rumor goes round, it would create a question mark on that school’s integrity some student would be angry that they weren’t allowed in their own school, some other would want the required punishment given to such student and school.
Another act of plagiarism is know as self plagiarism, which is the reuse of important or identical part of one’s own work without making it know or even costing the original work. Self plagiarism is often referred to as duplicate publication it is sometimes seen as a copyright violation if the previous work copyright has transferred to another person. It is most times difficlt to identify thus act because the amount of re-used materials accepted ethically, are few publishing half of what was in your previous book or article is seen as an offense, it is usually turned down, for example: a student who resubmits the same article for credit cedit in two different subjects.
In journalism, plagiarism is referred to as breach of journalistic Ethics and any who is report caught will usually face measures of discipline such as: termination of employment, suspension and this could degenerate to expulsion, loss of integrity and professional reputation they lose face in the sight of the public, thereby creating doubt abut the honesty of those journalists in the mind of their audience could  it also result in difficulty finding another job. It is serious Ethical offence which can stract law suits or legal actions since copyright laws are now strictly being adhere being adhered to The original Author can see the journalists and this could lead to imprisonment or a fine to be awarded to original writer for his loss in business due to people purchasing more of the offenders work than the Authors. Since public trust is what News reporting and publishing rely on failure of a reporter to acknowledge their source honestly
reduces and cuts down the integrity and credibility of a Newspaper or television news presentation and those reporters are most times suspended from carrying out their duties. The ease of getting information on the net has led journalists and contributive writes  in to the act of cheating.
In politics there are also traces of plagiarism in the system, although they are not much , those who involve themselves in this criminal act may lose public trust, these politicians may have
from their position, may be excessively accused before given approval when given another duty to carry out.
Looking over the severe consequence of plagiarism it is the best option “ prevention they say is better than cure” giving excuse$ such as : ignorance , pressing deadlines) tc are not enough reason to indulge in the act of plagiarism. Therefore in avoiding this ct you have to fully understand what plagiarism is all about in other to be careful when writing so as not to make that irreparable mistake. Be sure to do adequate research on the topic or book you are writing on, get all the necessary information available , understand how complicated or straight forward your topic is, after which you can commence writing.
It is important to give due credit tot particular source
information or original author for the ret their idea thoughts remembe give credit and cite original owner of the pictures, images, videos, you 4 your writing. Before making use of another persor? work make sure that the “ said “ person is aware and approves of it , students should work hard on their own and read to pass their assignment exams , so as not to be tempted to cheat, passing on your own kind of joy that you are brilliant erio lodo your work your self . it already been said that if you did? you wont see yourself getting into trouble Prevention they say is better than sure.’