AS humans, we often count our blessings in terms of our huge financial  bank account and material wealth, but we should not fail to realize that our most precious gift is life itself. It is our most treasured possession. We must always acknowledge this fact.
How we look derives from how we feel, which is directly related to how we cope with life. We can’t be whole and beautiful without a good health of mind and body – with good health there can always be beauty. Each of us have been provided with the raw elements, elegance, grace, refinement, confidence, style and cordiality are well within the  grasp of every black woman-these are the elements of which beauty is made – not a well turned nose or beautiful set eyes. A healthy body and mind is the first perequisite. Then and only then can we consider the aspect of cosmetic beauty.
If you have taken stock of your blessing, one thing you must remember and be grateful to God about is that you did not spend your whole time last year bed-ridden or running to the hospital for checkups and regular treatments. Definitely you wouldn’t have remembered anything like make-up, would you? But don’t forget that there is need for regular medical examinations to prevent and control diseases. Without good health, there is no beauty. The physical countenance is only a key to inner beauty not an end in itself. We must deal with every aspect of the female body, inside and outside before discussing make-up.
No woman can succeed as a politician, house-wife, business woman, fashion model, secretary, as anything if she lacks a basic information about herself. Every woman must face the liabilities in both appearance and health and proceed to remove whatever obstacles she finds.
In order to achieve this, each woman must be selfish, she should think only of herself for a while, care about her looks and diet and her blood pressure. She must not lose her self-esteem. Self-esteem can only come from self-knowledge.
We should begin by following the process of self-learning. The business of being beautiful is much more of a difficult process than a miracle of birth. All black women can be extra ordinary beautiful all the time if our wills are strong. Resolve to always look good at all times.
We all are aware that short of reconstructive surgery little can be changed of the features we are born with, but with the cleanness and clearness of your skin, the set of your hair, and your weight, are all factors within your control that add immediately to your appeal.
You must appeal to yourself in order to register the confidence that today’s black woman must have to compete. Your clothes do not have to be the most expensive, nor do you need a closetful of cosmetics in order to be able to present yourself to other women and men with relaxed self assurance. Your face, body and your clothes must be clean. The most beautiful pair of eyes in the world will fill to impress anybody, if they are set above a nose clustered with blackheads. Beauty is a composite of mental alertness, physical cleanliness and a pleasing countenance.
Also spend sometime to plan your wardrobe and begin to build up a consistent collection of clothes and accessories. You will save much time in the future by not having to worry every morning and evening whether thus item goes with that moreover, you will have a basic confidence that you will never be caught with the wrong item.

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