ABUJA- The National Chairman, All Farmers Association of Nigeria (AFAN), Mr Karbir Umar, has said that the use of modern biotechnology will boost farming and alleviate the poverty among Nigerian farmers.
Umar stated this in an interview with newsmen in Abuja while commending the Senate for the passage of a bill seeking to establish the National Bio-Safety Management Agency.
Biotechnology is the use of modern scientific techniques including genetic engineering to improve or modify plants, animals or micro organisms.
The National Bio-Safety Management Agency, when established will regulate the application of biotechnology in the country and ensure that it does not have negative effect on human health and the environment.
Umar said when the technology is applied; it would boost yields and increase income of farmers in the country.
“This is a welcome development; it will take our farmers out of poverty and also out of subsistence farming.
“Biotech enhances the yields of seeds; with minimum input, it will produce the desired high quantity, which when sold will increase the income of farmers,’’ he said.
The AFAN chairman said the association was partnering with local and international seeds companies to further increase seeds accessibility to farmers.
He appealed to the Federal Government to open up more windows for financing and the possibilities of processing all agricultural produce in the country.