ABUJA – Mr. Aloysius Maduforo, an Abuja based dietician has said eating different vegetable salads could cause diarrhoea and other health risks.
Maduforo told newsmen in Abuja that certain types of bacteria were found in salads such as cryptosporidium which caused diarrhoea.
“Infection can be found in the consumption of ready to eat mixed salad leaves from fast food joint or canteens which can be almost impossible to kill especially unwashed and uncooked ones.
“The physical conditions of the vegetables found in market places are not hygienic making the salad vegetables contaminated.
“Salad is considered one of the products most likely to cause food-related illness largely because greens are grown directly in the soil, and some pathogens can only be killed by heat or strong detergents, not just water,” Maduforo warned.
On the benefits of eating vegetable salads, he said that consumption of the salads could aide easy movement of the bowels by ensuring the body was clean of harmful waste.
“Eating salads has many benefits such as few calories and they are ideal for everyone especially for those seeking their ideal weight by diet,” Maduforo said.
He advised that proper caution should be taken to prevent infection from salads by properly washing vegetables and by avoiding stale vegetable salads.