THE National Association of Proprietors of Private Schools (NAPPS) has urged government to let public schools serve as models for private schools, to enhance standard.
Chief Yomi Otubela, the NAPPS President, Lagos State, told reporters that making public schools models would prevent the establishment of substandard private schools.
“Education is the bedrock of any society and so, more attention should be given to it.
“Government should ensure that they set a standard that public schools should be models in all ramifications.
“Dilapidated buildings, non- availability of furniture and poor toilet facilities should not be seen in public schools.
“If government is going to up schools, let the few ones be a standard for private schools.
“No private school will come and set up a mushroom school based on what the government has put in place,” Otubela said.
He said that such a development would guarantee qualitative learning.