It is high time we started doing things right to exalt our beloved country Nigeria because righteousness exalts a nation.
Critics both at home and abroad have these to say about the shift in our election time table:
1. It has a sinister motive
2. It is a ploy to play for time to manoeuvre.
3. It is a disappointment.
4. No prince ever lacked good excuses to colour his bad faith.
5. INEC was ambushed by FG, PDP.
6. Conducting polls in a hurry is dangerous.
7. It is a coup against the constitution.
8. Politics is not a do or die affair, but a game of figures.
9. No matter the tactics the desired change must take place.
10. It is beyond pardon.
11. There is no use to cry over spilled milk.
Everybody is entitled to his or her own opinion. However, it is my consolation that the new election dates of March 28, 2015 and April 11, 2015 have been affirmed sacrosanct by the concerned authorities. Thanks to the American sense of justice since the presidency of Bill Clinton in 1993 for it has been either the Democrats or the Republicans in the White House for two consecutive tenures. You may be prompted to ask why the trend? I guess the Americans have come to realize the need for change for better governance and that knowledge does not reside in one political party alone. Our presidential system of government is a replica of the American presidential system of government. If this is true, what then stops us from replicating the two consecutive — tenure system? Since 1999 when democracy returned to Nigeria, only one political party had continued to dominate the political landscape of Nigeria a – situation which portrays Nigeria as running a — one — party system of government whereas there are numerous political parties on ground. During the civil war, a newspaper columnist once wrote and I quote: If a military government remains too long in power it becomes unpopular. I dare say if any government remains too long in power it does not only become unpopular but also monotonous ( a recurring decimal). There is therefore urgent need for change of government by ballot paper from time to time to move Nigeria forward. There was a period in the US when only war veterans were given the presidency. Now here comes a war veteran in the person of Gen. Mohamadu Buhari who fought to keep Nigeria one soliciting for your votes to put him in Aso — Rock. In the circumstances, you have no option but to cast your vote for him as a reward for having fought to keep Nigeria one so that he can move Nigeria forward. We all vividly remember the statement this illustrious son of Nigeria made soon after his ascendancy as Head of State in 1983. He said and I quote; “This generation of Nigerians and indeed future generations have no other country but Nigeria. We must stay and salvage it together. Oh what a solemn and touching statement! It is only a true Nigerian patriot that would make such a statement – a man who believes in the indisolvability, indivisibility and inseparability of our beloved country Nigeria. For me, the issue of academic qualification is a gross display of disrespect for a former Head of State, first citizen and elder statesman of Nigeria. Why was this issue not raked up when he was:
1. In the army.
2. Military governor of the North Eastern State
3. Commissioner for petroleum
4. Chairman of PTF
5. Vying for the presidency in 2003,2007,2011.
Why must it be now (2015)? It is nothing but mud slinging, which is a draw — back to our nascent democracy. Politicians should always focus on what they can do to uplift the country. It is not that he was considered a triffle backward academically when he held the above positions. What further evidence do they need? The matter should therefore be regarded as time barred, struck out and closed. Those accusing him should look for an alternative accusation. The mere fact that he had been Head of State in the past makes the issue of certificate an absurdity.” Politicians should desist from washing their dirty linen in the street to score political points, rather they should tell the people what they have in their sleeves to bring the country to the next level.
Taking into account the courses he had attended over the years both locally and overseas he could pass for a professor. Recently in London Gen. Buhari who is purported not to hold a school certificate met one on one with former Britain’s Prime Minister Tony Blair. They say, if you can’t stand the smoke get out of the kitchen. General Buhari says he can stand the smoke and so will not get out of the kitchen for he is poised to keenly contest the forth coming presidential election come March 28, 2015 the D — Day. The General says he did not win in previous elections because his time had not come and now that his time has come, Deo Juvnte (L) with God’s help he will move to Aso — Rock in May, 2015. He further says defeat is nothing but education and that it is the first step toward eventual success. He believes that no one is a failure as long as he or she keeps on trying and that failure is not final unless you allow it to be. Abraham Lincoln the 16 president of America who was undaunted after many years of unsuccessful attempts to get elected to parliament eventually got a ticket to the White House. Gen. Buhari is optimistic that he will repeat the feat of Abraham Lincoln here in Nigeria come March 28, 2015. For a peaceful and prosperous Nigeria vote APC for change. Crede quad habes
(L) Believe you have it and you have it. Gen Buhari believes he has the ticket to Aso — Rock and he has it. The people say it is Gen. Buhari’s turn this time around. Vox populi vox Dei (L) The voice of the people is the voice of God. The General says “I trust in God and I shall not be put to shame.” People: will always vote for candidates of their own choosing based on their manifastoes. The General is on an urgent mission to take Nigeria out of the doldrums.
1. He promises to bring corruption, which has eaten into the blood stream of Nigerian life to a low level. We are all living witnesses to how he dealt with corruption while Head of State in the early nineteen eighties – a feat which is yet to be matched. He brought corrupt officials and their agents to book, because he believes that he who overlook crime invites the commission of another. He further had this to say when Head of State and I quote: “I have intervened in order to stamp out corruption and indiscipline from the lives of Nigerians and to give impetus and better sense of direction to the economy.” The General’s government was warmly welcome by all Nigerians. Corruption they say is the enemy of democracy”.
2. Coming to: the issue of security, “Once a soldier always a soldier” Gen. Buhari fits very much into this saying. In the circumstances, I think he is best disposed to deal with insurgency which has been plaguing our country for some time now because he has been taught in the army to be gentle with gentle people and to be tough with tough people and has therefore promised to consign insurgency to history books.
3. He says the great sore of unemployment shall be healed and poverty reduced to the barest minimum and that no society can surely be flourishing and happy of which the far greater part of members are poor and miserable. Furthermore, he promises to create more job opportunities to make all citizens feel they are part of the government.
Electricity, water and fuel shortages he says will be consigned to oblivion.
Education which is the foundation of good citizenship he says will be made available to all on equal terms and compulsory school attendance law made because when the people are educated the government will not cheat them any more. The importance of education cannot be over emphasised. It is required in basic responsibility even in the armed forces.
“A hungry man is an angry man.” In view the foregoing he says he will not renege on his promise to place premium on agriculture.
He did not only declare war against indiscipline (WAI) but also on garbage. Because he believes in “Cleanliness is next to Godliness”, he therefore set aside the last Saturday of every month for Nigerians to carry out general cleaning of their environment. It is kudos to Gen. Buhari for there is no subsequent government that had not adopted the practice. My score for Gen. Buhari in this regard is 101%. The people say it is Gen. Buhari’s turn this time around and so be it.
Deo velente (L) God willing come March 28, 2015, Gen Buhari will sweep the polls with his broom (APC Logo). May I seize this opportunity to point out that carpet crossing which has become a fashion in Nigeria is nothing but political adventurism.
Long live APC.
Long live the Federal Republic of Nigeria.

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