TO  say, Nigerians, home and abroad are astounded and dismayed by the hollowed outcome of the meeting of the Nigeria’s Council of State and the consequential capricious submission of INEC to mounting federal government-sponsored pressure, is an understatement.
Nothing can be more startling, fearful and despotic than to strip citizens of their constitutional rights to due process and sovereignty.
We hold no doubt anymore that Nigeria exists for two forms of people – one that is law-abiding and patriotic and the other, a cartel of dubious politicians who consistently place their personal interests above those of the nation.
As patriotic Nigerians who strongly fought to restore democracy in Nigeria, we seek and must therefore ask other Nigerians to stand up to the challenge of the myth and beliefs of those who feel Nigeria is their own incorporated property.
It belies every patriotic sensibility that a country with a standing Army would postpone federal elections on the basis of a proxy preemptive fear.
Nothing can be more fallacious, self-deprecating and indexing than for a Nation once regarded as one that prided itself as the giant of Africa, succumbing to a threat of a localized and incoherent-ragtag militia.
Considering its current state of affair, it is not an exaggeration to say, that the country is headed towards a precipitous direction with the active and conniving role of the Nation’s big Military wigs(see Saharareporters of February 5, 2015 for Brig.-General Aliyu Momoh and the Ekiti felons).
Nigerians have been counseled over and over but as usual our leaders choose to ignore the macabre drumbeat and its demonstrative spiral steps of death.
While we hope for the best for the country, a plethora of analysts see dangerous trends and a broken system emerging in all directions.
They are the types, reminiscent of those that once plunged the Nation into civil war in the 60s and serious political crisis between the 80s and the 90s. When will our leaders learn the lessons of history?
We frantically call to action all well-meaning Nigerians home and abroad, to diligently, peacefully and patriotically employ all internal legal and international instruments to save Nigeria from the present political practitioners who are hell-bent on taking the country far into a destructive road to placate their selfish impulses and egos.
The main threat to our 16 -year old democracy is not only Boko Haram, but official dereliction of responsibility and corruption.
This has never been so grave and obvious in memory than the present failures of all government functionaries including the National security outfit, and the new entrants into “the loot-and-deceit” business in the name of God – “the Religious political Ministers.”
We make bold and as well hold no doubts that the ultimate rational and mission of many of those who gathered in Abuja overa week ago in the name of Council of State were more for pecuniary reasons than Nationalist interest.
If they knew their limit ends with advisory role, why then the shenanigan of summoning INEC to the meeting? There was no reason to call a constitutionally established body to a meeting of the powerless when National integrity and future were at stake.
If there was a plan either by omission or commission to neutralize or throw INEC under the bus, the Nigerian Council of State has succeeded.
The Council of State did not only infringe on INEC autonomous authority but undermined the independent’s body resolve to carry out Nigerian electoral duty as empowered by the Sovereign Constitution of the Nation.
There is no better anecdotal evidence either to elucidate or denote the ambiguity cum uncertainty generated by the disjunctive directives given to INEC,  than the divergent interpretations of the Council’s directives, as relayed by Governor Rochas Okocha of Imo State and Governor Mimike of Ondo, who both addressed the media immediately after the meeting.
If the Council was sincere in its decisions, what stopped it from issuing a communique or asking Mr. President Jonathan who is the chairman of the body to address the nation on the outcome of the meeting rather than allowing the two governors speak on the issue, based on their own interpretations?
The current situation no doubt represents a considerable evidence of sinister plan to truncate Nigeria’s democracy.
Much as we are appalled by the antics of those who want to destabilize the Nation, we are as well compelled to alert the Nigerian citizens,of an impending danger that may not only outrun the selfish desires of the perpetrators of this unholy scheme, but may also consume them, and unfortunately, innocents citizens on the long run.
The wisdom of old tells us that all that is required for evil to triumph is that good men should keep silent.
Seriously we warn the good people of Nigeriato not keep quiet, but act in their individual or group capacities to save the nation from the dangerous political train.
We also urge Nigerians to imbibe the wisdom in the philosophical sermon of John Adams, America’s second President, who warned those in the practice of politics to jettison the temptation and passion for over-ambition, manipulation, avarice, fraud, violence and cruelty because of the enabling power of such behaviors to conquering the individuals, groups and the Nations.
History seems to take delight in frustrating some people’s expectations. This may be the reason why follies and majority of Nigerian political leaders are indifferent to past historical events and the tenets of democracy and its life span.
By the actions of the Nigerian political class and their new cohorts in the “Ministry of commercialized” religion, it is obvious that the Nigerian electorate have been taken for granted in the midst of  wasted resources, manpower nearing exhaustion, and innocent souls, including children, women and the unequipped Military men and women being murdered.
Though the Nigerian Military has lost its almighty power and respect of both the citizens and the International community, they, according to Retired Brigadier-General Ayodele Ojo, may be compelled to come back to fill the constitutional vacuum as required of them.
But it will be a fruitless exercise in prediction or folly for anyone to think that their re-emergence this time will be business as usual.
Nigeria has banned, unbanned and recycled criminal and corrupt political elements, yet they refused to grow above their nemesis.
Hence the Rawlins formula that brought Ghana back to its rightful place in the comity of nations and even to the point of now harboring Nigerians and also supplying the Nation electricity among other things, is being predicted in several quarters. A word is enough for the wise.
God save the Federal Republic of Nigeria, Amen!
• This piece was written by Edo United for Homeland Empowerment.

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