ABUJA – Mrs Jummai Hassan, a Nutritionist at the Wuse General Hospital, Abuja, has  advised diabetic patients to adhere to healthy meal plans instructed by their physicians.
Hassan in an interview with newsmen in Abuja said it was necessary for diabetic patients to have eating times.
She said diabetes is classified as a metabolism disorder, which refers to the ways our bodies use digested food for energy.
She added that diabetes was a disease related to failure of blood sugar regulation.
“Diabetic patients can enjoy good health if they abide to their meal plans by eating healthy diet.
“Food rich in high fibre such as beans can be prepared with its peel to make moi-moi or beans cake popularly called akara.
“Saturated fatty foods like fries and salt intake should be reduced and sugar avoided completely.
“The quantity they eat at a time matters in improving their health condition and eating times will help their weight be in check while exercising to keep fit and healthy,’’ she said.
Hassan also advised patients to eat more vegetables and fruits such as unripe pawpaw, water melon, apple, garden egg, carrots and cucumber, so as to aid in controlling the sugar level.
The nutritionist added that diabetic patients should avoid eating maize flour instead they should eat products from wheat flour.
She further urged Nigerians to cut down on the high intake of sugar, beverages, wine and carbonated drinks to prevent contacting diabetes.