“After the military had brought the country to its knees after years of interrupted demonic misrule, it was same General Obasanjo that was thrown up by the powers that be in Nigeria in 1999.Events in Nigeria have demonstrated that General Obasanjo and his cronies and cohorts have led the country into a cul de sac once again?’’ _Quoted in Nowinta’s book: WHERE WE ARE {2009} page(111)
Recently, General Olusegun Obasanjo went wild in his hill top mansion in Abeokuta, Ogun state, Nigeria, when during a meeting with a group of politicians within his wards, he brought out his Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) membership card and tore it into shreds, saying that he is no longer a member of Africa’s so called largest political party.
Many Nigerians saw the action of  General Olusegun Obasanjo from many perspectives, but i see it as the zenith of his personal hatred for President Goodluck Jonathan, as the March 28th 2015 Presidential election draws near. Giving the fact that here is a General Olusegun Obasanjo, who has benefitted immensely from the PDP, since his miraculous escape from the valley of death in prison, during his banditry reign of General Sani Abacha.
Again, giving the stark fact that with the PDP, he has been able to bounce back from near bankruptcy in 1998, when General Abdulsallam Abubakar (who succeeded General Abacha) in conjunction with the ‘owners of Nigeria’ then, rehabilitated and paved the way for him to acquire the pit of bottom less billions, which is part of the things intoxicating him right now
This piece is not out to unjustly shoot down the personality of ex-president, General Obasanjo, but to present facts besides facts, to expose a character(Obasanjo) that has benefitted so much from Nigeria, and at the same time contributed adversely to the mess we are in right now.
Tearing his PDP membership card to me is like dancing horribly and ignorantly naked in the public domain; displaying his clownish side for all of us to see .By that singular action, he went too dangerously far and in the process cried more than the bereaved (millions of homeless, jobless, hungry, angry and hopeless Nigerians) in the country today.
Before I conclude on General Olusegun Obasanjo today, whether he is truly a jester or a patriot of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, something befell the Nigerian Labour Congress (NLC) recently that I am compelled to say a word or two about. Tragically, the NLC held its 11th Quadrennial delegates congress in Abuja, but ended it inconclusively without electing a new Executive Committee to run the affairs of the union.
As a stakeholder, the NLC congress that ended abruptly without electing a new team to pilot its affairs of the union is a big shame at this critical stage of the Nigerian nation. Yes! Critical time because the entire country is already charged today for the February 2015 elections, that has been postponed till March 28th and April 11th 2015.
As an umbrella body of organisations that cater for the mass of Nigerian workers; outspoken, ever relevant, significant, influential and daring on issues of national sense of belonging, it is highly regrettable that some desperate characters within the ranks of the NLC deliberately scuttled the electoral process that would have produced a new set of leaders to run its affairs afresh.
I am therefore using this opportunity to passionately appeal to the out going president of NLC, Abdulwaheed Omar and his present team to put every machinery in motion to organise a transparent, credible and honest election without much delay in complete consonance with the written constitution of the NLC on electoral matters. If gold rusts, what we happens to other metals? What I am trying to state here is that an average Nigerian worker and a cross section of the Nigerian public expect so much from the NLC. Therefore, the NLC should stop further washing of their dirty linen in public.
I think it is unelderly and unstatesmanly for a personality like General Obasanjo to have behaved the way he did by tearing his membership card of the PDP which he has carried for more than sixteen years now to pieces in public.
What really does an Obasanjo wants? Is he any better than a President Good luck Jonathan in many respects? It is perfectly sad that most Nigerians have a very short memory of terrible events. Who invented, scaled, presented and rammed a Goodluck Jonathan down the throats of all of us, when he suddenly became a vice-presidential candidate to the now late President Umaru Musa YarAdua in 2007?
We have not forgotten Obasanjo’s politics of do or die. It was Obasanjo’s reckless shenanigan in power that transformed into the third term agenda under his watch. Personally, Olusegun Obasanjo’s parochial tendencies and deceitful intentions makes him a danger to the Nigerian politics. He is neither a friend of the masses or a good guy to the next impoverished neighbour to his hill top mansion in Abeokuta.
In the bitter, chaotic and chequered history of Nigeria, since 1960, no one individual has been favoured by the almighty to reposition the country for better for three consecutive terms like General Obasanjo. His was a rare opportunity which he floundered heartlessly away, without recourse to the ordinary people of Nigeria.
Yes! In this year 2015 we need a drastic change. For me this change that we earnestly desire come March 28th should equally render a General Olusegun Obasanjo redundant, because he is absolutely an integral part of Nigeria’s nagging problem. He is nothing but a perfect jester playing to the present gallery; selfish, arrogant, opportunistic, inconsistent and one of the most unpatriotic elements in our country today. Obasanjo should simply be ignored! When he became president in 1999 did he win his ward in Abeokuta?

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