“MOST criminals are cowards. They love to enjoy. When they are apprehended are being interrogated, you will discover that most of them are cowards who just love enjoyment.
This revelation was made by Mr. Samuel Adegbuyi Commissioner of Police Edo State, when he led other senior officers of Edo State Police Command on a familiarization tour to the corporate headquarters of Bendel Newspapers Company Limited (BNCL) publishers of THE OBSERVER titles.”
The compol assured the command preparedness and readiness to play its part in ensuring a peaceful conduct of the 2015 poll. His words. “We will do everything possible to provide conducive atmosphere before, during and after the election. That is what we intend to do and God on our side we will not disappoint Nigerians.”
Before he left, our Editors engaged him in an interview.On Strategies aimed at checkmatting crime:
I must state that the dynamism of crime varies from one or geographical location to another.
If you are in the riverine areas the crime modus operandi might be different from what you find in the upland area.
One thing that is common with criminals is that they want to enjoy.  When they are arrested and are being interrogated you find out that they only love to enjoy.
But when the police arm of government catches up on them you will discover that they are cowards who love enjoyment. This is my second coming to Edo State. The first was when I was the district zonal CID zone 5 which  comprises Edo, Delta and Baylesa. I had the opportunity to work with the former IG the person of M.D. Abubakar. It was a very great honour for me. And coming now again, I met on the ground officers that are disciplined and dedicated to duty.
We will continue to strategise as events unfold. The approach of last year might not necessarily yield to the realities of this year. So, criminals equally in those days were high school dropouts. But today criminals are well educated, most especially with the advent of this information, technology and computer revolution. So we have to adjust by strategizing based on evolving dynamism in crime. So from time to time we have to map out the strategies as crimes are being committed. We have to develop our own approach.
We believe more in pro-activeness, that prevention is better than cure. Let us see what we can do by pro-active measures.
We also intend to strengthen intelligence gathering mechanism and that is why we have to partner with other bodies like the media and to implore them not to hesitate to share information with us on crime.
Members of the vigilante Edo State paid me courtesy visit.  Not frigidly that they are at the grassroots. There is no place in Edo State where you don’t have vigilante. We work hand in hand with them and with other security agencies. Since my assumption of duty I have paid courtesy call to the military, civil defence, Road Safety of duty I have paid courtesy call to the military, civil defence, road Safety Prisons and other stakeholders in the criminal justice arm. Exactly a week ago, I was in Auchi, Uromi, Ekpoma to familiarize myself. It is a continuous exercise and by the Grace of God and with your support and with the support of the people of Edo state we will collectively combat crime. Whether you are passing through Edo State or residing here you have the feeling of security. And it is a gateway state You find out that investors are motivated to coming here to establish industry because of security.
On 2015 polls. The Inspector General of police has on so many occasions organized seminars and training for police personel and Edo State is no exception. On daily basis it is still part of my familiarization affair to all divisions, the area command to educate, enlighten our men (police officers) on the role expected of them when it comes to security during election. The principal actor is the Nigeria police force but often supported by other security agencies.
We’ll do everything possible to provide conducive atmosphere before, during and after the election. That is what we intend to do and God on our side we’ll not disappoint Nigerians.
On Allegation Of Extortion Against Police
SINCE I came I am yet to see policemen conducting themselves in extorting money from members of the public. However we have so many mercenaries in place, I have just given you a handbook containing all the phone numbers of the CP, the deputy commissioner, Area Commander, DPO etc when such act or incident is taking place you are at liberty to call any of the numbers. There is the Escort under CID which goes round to ensure that the men posted to various beats behave as excepted of them. And don’t forget that police are the members of the society. Gone are the days where people perceived policemen as bundle of illiterates.
We do everything possible to check the behavioural patterns of our officers but at the same time, members of the public should respect the police. The uniform is a symbol of authority. Outside this country the men in uniform are highly respected but in Nigeria the citizens would like to show of that they are P.H.D holders and that they are millionaire and they look down and disrespect policemen. Everybody has a role to play in the development of this country.
On the involvement of military in election
This is not the first time that the Nigeria police has participated or played their expected role. There are some policy issues that are beyond my scope to comment upon like the involvement of the military is a policy matter.
On bail being free
If that happens it is still part of corruption.
In any case it takes two to tangle. For example it takes two to commit adultery. But let me state clearly that where a police officer is found wanting he will be dealt with. So many police officers have been reduced in rank, dismissed from the force and one of the agenda of the present police administration is zero tolerance to corruption. We will continue to sensitize the men and the reason for them to be law abiding. Women can now stand surety. Both men and women are qualified to stand surety for suspects. If there is any policeman extorting money during bail the appropriate measure will be taken against him or her.