Yetunde Bakare, without doubts, is one of the actresses to watch out for in the Yoruba movie industry. With movies like Ajobi, Alani Baba Labake, Omo Olodo, Awa Okunrin, Awolu Goes to School, Amisu to name a few, the voluptuous ebony signed her way into the big league and she has since remained the screen darling of many Yoruba film lovers . She is a versatile actress and movie producer who also stars in English movies thus making herself a well known star in the industry. She spoke with us.
How has your career been so far?
It has been awesome so far. So good, I am enjoying it.
Has anyone ever embarrassed you over your b**bs?
Yes o, it was really embarrassing. The person was actually greeting me and we greeted each other . But he insisted he was greeting me that I had not greeted him, next thing he did was to grab my b**bs. It was embarrassing and I felt really bad because as a woman, I don’t really like that kind of thing. It happened at Rumours Club. I let it ride because I felt the guy must have been drunk or something to do that.Can you go unclad in a movie?
I can wear a bikini, I can wear a nightwear but I can’t go unclad. If I want to be a stripper, I can do that, I can wear a stripper’s wear but I can’t go 100% unclad like b**bs and everything out
Has anyone ever told you to date him for a role?
Yes, a lot. I can’t give you names but there have been so many issues like that. There was one that was so serious that we had to fight. It got to a stage that he started sending me messages on my Facebook, abusing me and all sorts and he is a star for that matter; a very popular actor.
Which role has been your most challenging role in a movie?
My recent movie Asiyan because I had to cry a lot. It is not easy to cry. At a point I was requesting for Paracetamol because I had a serious headache. You crying without someone hurting you is really serious. You have to make it look real and it’s not easy.
Have you ever done a s*x scene in a movie before?
I’ve not done anything like s*x but I’ve kissed and I’ve done bed scenes.
Has anyone ever touched your b**bs or your bum in a movie?
Touching my b**bs is no big deal because we know we are working and your mind is more on what you’re doing than thinking about something else. It’s just part of the job, there is no attachment.
Have you ever fantasised about having s*x with any actor?
Like how I wish? That would be Will Smith because I just like his height and cool face. I like my man to be built along the same lines.
How do you view s*x generally?
S*x is a normal thing that happens between a lady and a guy, it is just a way of expressing your emotional self. When you have s*x you have a lot of fun, exercise and stuffs and you will be relieved of some things. It is a very good moment because you worry less and you just want to have that fun when you’re doing it. You want to reach the climax.
What has been your most memorable moment so far?
That should be when I did Alani Baba Labake even before I produced my own movie. I acted as Lanko‘s daughter and he happens to be the Landlord of Baba Suwe. Along the way, there was a particular scene that really got me thrilled, it was a bathroom scene. I was in the bathroom and Baba Suwe’s son was peeping and my daddy caught him in the action. It was something very funny because everyone thought he was actually looking at my n*kedness. Each time they show it on African Magic, many people call, wanting to know if I was actually n*ked.
There is even a joke about it, that goes like this “Won ri run mi ooo”, meaning they have seen my pubic hair. But ask yourself: is it possible for me to be unclad for real? That kind of hair is too expensive to see.
Were you really n*ked?
No, I wasn’t. I really loved that part. It was very funny and that part really helped me a lot because I got a lot of calls and lots of contacts. Most people are still convinced I was n*ked for real in that movie.