CABLE News Network actually turned Bill Cosby belated scandal into a special. It was a repetition of the same allegation against Bill Cosby that turned people’s stomach and heart. If more ladies opened up, hardly would many powerful men stand up. In the days of these women: sex, drugs and rock ’n roll was the norm. Most were so indulged in it; many desires unmet would be coy. As grandmothers and by today’s standard, that was abuse by the powerful and privileged.
The reason most ladies do not open up can of worms about powerful men has to do with being a) satisfied b) compromised or c) settled at that point and time of sexual encounter. Some of the women have more to lose than gain by revealing their most private moments. On the other hand, are little men that wanted to be associated with women they were privileged to climb. So they brag about it. The women coming out after decades of sexual abuse have other reasons.
More than most of the people that were caught right there and then for sexual indiscretion, Bill Cosby by no means a saint would suffer deeper consequences than others. Everything that is by contact or association may be destroyed with his legacy. Most of the people that came to his defense are more worried about his association with good causes than they are about him.
Eddy Murphy turned down an opportunity to ridicule him during the last Oscar presentation because he did not think the fun was worth it. It says more about Eddie Murphy than trying to defend Bill Cosby. He is comfortable in his own skin and not a struggling actor looking for fame or some desperate role to play just to please the audience. That was how “Hollywood’s best and whitest” wanted to honor a black worthy, not in Selma’s Ava DuVernay or David Oyelowo.
Many people are afraid to come out and defend Bill Cosby because they knew him as a playboy. At the same time, the legacy being destroyed is painfully hard to accept. Each time the story is shown on television, some of us crinched in the privacy of our own homes. Ouch!
So what is it that attracts grown powerful men to young girls and powerful rich ladies to young men, so much that they are willing to risk careers, positions and prestige? The easy answer is sex addiction but there is more to it. Most of these powerful men and women try to be discrete by traveling far away but some also seize the opportunity when it comes within their privilege, offices, homes and clubs making it easy to blackmail them.
Why is it so strange that the rich, famous and highly placed individuals also want to have fun? Mr. Dominique Strauss-Khan former head of International Monetary Fund was once seen by 75 percent in France to be better than President Hollande. Put on trial for his part in a prostitution ring that extended from France to Brussel, Washington and New York. DSK had been accused by Nafissatou Diallo, former hotel staff now owner of New York Chez Amina Restaurant.
Watching men of might and caliber deny any sexual indiscretion is not only a lesson to others, it is crippling just for some minutes of indiscretion but also points to the fact that sexual pleasure is one powerful desire sought by men and women. As we get older, we become wiser with fewer propensities to act on impulse. We tend to deliberate more and sometimes calculated in most of our actions. The realization is that youthful exuberance urges us into indiscretion more.
There was a South America sting operation where pimps procured underage girls for wealthy American tourists. During the fun party, undercover police burst in and arrested the girls, their pimps and their wealthy guests. By the time the identities of the girls were checked, they found out all were over seventeen and were professional hookers where prostitution is legal. The guest thought they got their money’s worth until the age of the girls were made known!
The same is true to the disappointment of men that thought they had a virgin and it was their very first time. There are stories about plastic surgeries to reconstruct hymen but some ladies in their late twenties and thirties can claim to be a virgin with the use of “alum” so that their private parts are tight and men have to struggle to get into it. They played to men’s desires.
What if we think there are no consequences, or we cannot be caught, would anybody dare? More people empathize with what may be legal then, as hippies, but later illegal like sex with an underage that comes to light decades later. Even an eighteen year old, depending on the country and state, can be charged for rape of underage years later if the girl was sixteen. It does not make a difference if they planned to marry and the relationship goes sour later.
Indian Prime Minister was married at 18 to a 17 year old: – Narendra Modi, the son of a man who sold tea in a railway station, comes from a lower caste called Ghanchi. He and his wife were promised to each other as children in keeping with the traditions of their community. They were married in a small ceremony when she was 17 and he was 18.
Some of these young boys are now blackmailing their sugar mummies big time in the social media if they cannot come up with ransom money. This has destroyed everything they worked for including a good home and reputation. Women tend to face destructible consequences than men. More men recover and move on with their lives than women. But that has not stopped the urge to take the risk for a few minutes thrill by both powerful men and women.
Could it be the taboo that increases men’s desire? Incest in the family is even worse. Since incest is defined differently in different countries and states, encounter with step daughters, sisters or brothers and their consequences vary. It is not unusual for a lady to have kids for two brothers or for two brothers to marry two sisters. In any case, most culture frown on such close proximity. Cases of father’s encounter with daughter-in-law are gross by any standard.