NOLLYWOOD actress, Stella Damasus has called on her followers, ladies in particular, to stop judging people without getting to know them better. She made this plea on her Vlog, which entered its 14th episode.
To buttress her point, the actress cited an example of her friend, who she disclosed to be Sandra. She said Sandra stood by her (Stella) when she least expected. The actress, who dedicated her latest edition of her Vlog to her friend, disclosed that it was Sandra who stood by her when people were saying negative things about her (Stella).
According to her, “Don’t judge people; don’t let other people talk and talk because that is their opinion about of the person. If you don’t know the person, don’t do it, don’t join the bandwagon because everybody is saying this is bad then you say it is bad when you have not experienced it to know if it is bad or not. And that is why i am doing this especially for my friend. I will stand for her and with her through all, I love her so much.”
She further urged her fans not to allow the opinion of others deter them from moving forward and protecting their loved one because it is only God that knows his plans.
“And people, love your friends, stand-up for them regardless of what anybody has to say, stand-up for your family, love your family protect your loved ones. Don’t let your minds be twisted because of what people have to say. That is why i always say this, remember it is not who people say you are, it is who God says you are,” she noted.