THE March 28, 2015 election has come and gone with President Goodluck Jonathan losing to Buhari.  INEC scoreboard at the International Conference Centre, Abuja showed that Buhari polled a total of 15,405,928 and scored one quarter of the votes cast in 27 states of the federation to clinch his epic victory in the election.
President Goodluck Jonathan
To start with, Jonathan knew he would lose the election to Buhari from field survey of voters conducted by the Department of Research that PDP put together before the initial
February date fixed for the event.  The department identified gray areas Jonathan needed to tidy up if he wanted to reduce his risk factors of losing to Buhari. It was in the scramble to attend to these areas that propelled the PDP to barnstorm INEC to shift the February polls to March 28, 2015 for a whole six weeks!!
During this period, Jonathan took his campaign to traditional rulers, chiefs and elders in the Southern Nigeria while his wife took on the task of mobilising women across the nation to vote for him. But whomsoever the voters had blessed, no politician can curse!!  Who is blessed?  Trust, it is Buhari.
Enter March 28, 2015, the day of the Presidential and National Assembly election. Jonathan and his wife’s fingerprints couldn’t be captured by the card reader.  And, so, they had to fill incident forms to allow for their manual identification before they could vote. This experience, on its own was enough mystic evidence to Jonathan that he wouldn’t win the election.  In contrast, Buhari’s fingerprint capture with the card reader succeeded at one touch.
Dr. Nelson Mandela
Had the spirit of Late Nelson Mandela been invoked using necromancy, he would have told Buhari in 2015 not to worry because he would decisively trounce Jonathan. Mandela loves strong, not weak, leaders with minds of steel.  He subscribes to leaders who uphold open transparency, public trust and the best traditions of corporate governance.  He roots for leaders that can put food on the electorate’s table instead of stones.  Indeed, he is not a person given to  statistical tabulations of dividends of democracy that were neither here or there.
You can understand therefore why a man like Mandela, with discerning candour, in his lifetime always believed in a futumstic Buhari’s leadership of  Nigeria. To put it simply, the clairvoyance in Mandela knew that one day Nigerians would “beg” Buhari to lead them out of the abuss of false messiahs. This was why Mandela phoned Buhari in April 19, 2003 to “congratulate” him on his outing in the Presidential election which he lost gallantly to Obasanjo.
On the occasion, during an hour of phone conversation with Buhari, Mandela told him: “I spent 27 years in jail and came out to become South Africa’s President. So, you can still be president of Nigeria, one day.”
Now, tell me. Is Buhari not president today despite Jonathan’s power of incumbency and all the lies, falsehood, propaganda and insult poured on him?  True-speaking, no mortal can a bird from its pre-destination to fly.  None.
Dr. Osian Egharevba
He is a Benin elder statesman who lived a substantial part of his life working as a police officer in South-Western Nigeria.  I got to know him in 2012 when news filtered to me that he treats stroke, stomach ulcer, liver disease and enlarged prostate gland disorder.  Trust, as a person into natural   medicine I sought him out as dictated by the Law of Homogenous Species. Ever since, we have been friends who share confidence during our fertile conversations.
In 2014, he told me that Buhari would win the APC primaries certainly not Atiku Abubakar, Govs Rabiu Kwankwoso or Rochas Okorocha even though they had money to throw around unlike Buhari.  His prediction came to pass.
Later, Dr. Osian Egharevba informed me that he had checked and re-checked for whom would be Buhari’s running mate.  Is it Comrade Governor Adams Aliu Oshiomhole of Edo State? Dr. Osian Egharevba said he wasn’t the one.  According to him, Buhari would choose his running mate from the South-South-Westerner sojourning in Lagos State won the slot.
Surprise … surprise and surprise.  Dr. Osian Egharevba once again bit the bull’s eye with his precise prediction.  Progress.  Yes, the prediction train was on the move, so far.  It hasn’t derailed.
The next question on the cue for him was who would win the presidential election.   Again, he checked.  He found that Buhari would floor Jonathan in the election overwhelmingly.  No challenge. GBAM!! I kept this revelation to myself aware that most of us don’t know how to manage cognitive dissonances that shatter our primordial, mythical beliefs.  After all, what interests us are material, self-effacing banalities in a multi-dimensional, complicated world that demands a good mix of secular, spiritual , esoteric and mystical formulations to survive in it.
However, it is not always possible to bottle up truths in the mind.  So, when eight results of the presidential election had been released by INEC, I sent a text message to Mr. Godfery Imuesi, a staff of The Nigerian Observer, Benin telling him Dr. Osian Egharevba’s checks have long revealed that Buhari would definitely win the election.  His prediction was fulfilled on March 31, 2015.  INEC announced Buhari victorious in the presidential election.
Pastor J.T. Kalejaiye
He is of the Redeemed Christian Church of God. In December 2014, he mounted the pulpit of his church and fearlessly preached that Jonathan would lose the election just as Goliath lost the battle against the Israelities; and King Saul fell from royal grace into abysmal disrepute.
Pastor Kalejaiye’s use of reported speech, I will now reproduce excerpts of it hook, line and sinker. Here it is:
“I am not after title.  I go for mantle.  I am not after revenue. I go for revelation.  There would be a pleasant surprise.  GO AND MARK IT.  Of what use is my brother, my blood brother, who is not going to move the nation forward?  And you want me to vote for him because he is my brother?  You are a Christian, yet there is no employment for our youths.  People who should be feeding their parents are still being fed by their parents.  During our own time, we did our wedding.  We only invited our parents to come and eat.  Today, our children are 35, we are still feeding them.”
Pastor Kalejaiye isn’t done yet.  He thundered on; “What are we saying?  Let’s call a spade a spade.   Things cannot continue this way.  Corruption is the order of the day. You can steal and  nothing will follow. Do you want a continuity of all these atrocities …?”
Alas, the surprise Pastor Kalejaiye sermonized about to his congregation has come to pass. Jonathan was voted out!!
Last Word
There are two lessons to learn from the humpty-dumpty fall of President Goodluck Jonathan on March 28, 2015.  Firstly, there are people who can see beyond the blinding razzmatazz of politics to predict outcomes in elections.  Secondly, it is that for every action, there is a reaction.  Jackie Pius of BRONZE RADIO, Benin on July 29, 2013 pointed out: “You can dodge your responsibilities but you cannot dodge the consequences of your irresponsibilities.”

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