WITHIN every nation, indeed within every individual, as also, within the people of the present time, there must first all exist the foundation for the acceptance of the high recognitions of God which is contained in the teachings of Christ.
So it is and so it will remain for all eternity. Could there be otherwise, then, God would have permitted an earlier revelation of Himself among the people on earth. He did not do so.
Not until a nation had advanced so far in its development, that it knew about the activity of all that is animistic, could it learn about the spiritual, the Primordial spiritual, the Divine and finally also, about God.
But always and only in such a manner that it was led intelligently upwards into a higher understanding by prophets called for the purpose, who never overthrew the old in doing so. They built up, just as Jesus Christ Himself did and often emphasised in His word, which something you hitherto did not wish to understand (Abd-ru-shin – In The Light of Truth).
With their conversions, however, the Christian churches want to destroy much that is old and declare it to be wrong, or at least, to get rid of it by disregarding it, instead of carefully continuing to build up on the old and in so doing, pay due regard to the necessary bridging over. They expected and demand that the human spirit should jump immediately into this most exalted Christian teaching.
Thus, the Laws of God are not observed in these matters, although, the intention is often good. The Germanic people were also, closely connected with the elementals (animistic) beings at that time, many of them were able to see and experience them, so that no doubts could remain with them about the actual existence and just as little about their activity. They saw this and therefore, knew about is (Abd-ru-shin).
It was the purest conviction for them and therefore, sacred. And with brutal fist, Boniface attacked their existing shrine. He wanted to deny the Teutons the truth of such knowledge and declare it to be false. In its place, he wanted to force upon them the forms of his Christian teaching from the beginning such an ignorant way must have made the Teutons doubt the Truth of what he proclaimed to them must have robbed them of all trust (Abd-ru-shin).
He should have confirmed the Truth of their knowledge and then led them onwards with explanations to higher recognitions. But he himself lacked the knowledge of creation. He revealed his ignorance about the weaving in creation only too clearly by calling Wotan (odin) and the other elemental (animistic) beings, whom Teutons considered as active gods, an erroneous faith and non-existent.
Although, they are not gods, yet, they do exist through Power of God and work in creation. Without the working of the elemental beings the spiritual could not possibly become anchored in the Word of Matter and thus, could not accomplish anything therein. The spiritual, from which the human spirit originates, thus, needs the co-operation of that which is animistic in the world of matter to further its own development.
Abd-ru-shin says that religious zeal can never replace knowledge in these matters. However, the mistake made by Boniface and all those who wished to convert is still kept alive today.
The Greek myths are spoken about and taught: They were no myths, however, but real knowledge, which the men of today lack. Unfortunately some churches also do not know the working of the Holy Will of God in creation, which still remains, the home of all human spirits. They blindly overlook past happenings and are therefore, unable to lead anyone to the true and living recognition of God. With the best volition, they cannot achieve it (Abd-ru-shin).
It is only through the Laws of Creation themselves, which God has given, that the human spirit can come to the recognition of God. And this recognition is absolutely necessary for its ascent. Only through this does it receive that support which permits it to journey steadfastly along the path prescribed and useful for it towards perfection, not otherwise.
Abd-ru-shin opines that who wants to jump over the activity of elemental beings, about which the people of olden times had an exact knowledge, can never come to the true recognition of God. This exact knowledge is as unavoidable step towards recognition, because, the human spirit has to struggle from below upwards. Unless, it first possesses as a foundation an exact knowledge of the lower steps in creation to which it belongs, the human spirits can never learn to obtain a fain conception of the Primordial Spiritual and the Divine, sphere, which are above his ability to comprehend.
This is an unavoidable necessity as a preparation for the possibility of higher recognition. The knowledge of God was always first given to those people who stood in the knowledge of the activity of the elemental beings and never otherwise. For the possibility to comprehend is never provided, before, this is achieved. In matters of the entire human race was carefully led by the Light.
Abd-ru-shin asserts that a man who in purity stands and lives only in the knowledge of the Animistic Realm is to be valued more highly in creation than one who merely stands in an acquired Christian faith and smiles about that which is animistic, considering it as fairy tales or myths, the latter is thus, ignorant about it and thereby, never obtain a true support while the former still possesses the full possibilities for ascent in a strong, undimmed longing for it. Which has not been undermined.
With a good volition he can animatedly grow within a few days into the spiritual recognitions and the spiritual experiencing, because, he did not lose the firm ground beneath him.
In all missionary work and school teaching in future, therefore, the knowledge of God should be brought by the way of the knowledge of animistic forces that have taken on form and their activities, for only out of this can there develop the higher recognition of the spiritual and of the Primordial spiritual and finally also, of the Divine and of God. The entire knowledge of the creation is necessary in order finally, to arrive at a faint idea of the greatness of God and thus, in the end also, at the true recognition of God.
There cannot be anything vital in the Christian faith of today because, it lacks all this Abd-ru-shin opines. What is necessary for it, is always left out and the gulf can only be bridged by that which was given by God for the purpose in this subsequent creation, not by anything else.
Many people however, have not earned from a calm observation of the past entire development of mankind here on earth, what is most important. That all the stages through which men had to live were necessary and therefore, may not be avoided or jumped over today either. The entire creation gives you the clear picture and all the back requirements to carry this out.
Peace and joy.