ABUJA – Mr. Ike Onyechere, Chairman Exam Ethics Marshal International (EEMI), an NGO, says Nigeria’s anti-corruption campaign must begin with education as a source of producing honest citizens.
Onyechere told newsmen in Abuja yesterday that it was for that reason that the country should come up with needs a defined ideological framework that would be used to fight corruption successfully.
According to him, all other sectors of the country will continue to be corrupt for as long as the country’s education system remains corrupt.
“Education is the source code for producing honest and transparent citizens.
“If the source code which is education is corrupt everything from there would be corrupt.
“And that is why almost all the systems, the institutions, the sectors, the people are corrupt.
“The truth of the matter is that many of us, many Nigerians if they have the opportunity they will loot.
“I think that the anti-corruption campaign as is currently being implemented lacks architectural design.
“I have not seen a design and I don’t think that will augur well for the result we are looking for.
“I am looking at an architectural design of the anti-corruption campaign that will specify the ideological framework.
“If you ask somebody, somebody will tell you that Buhari’s body language shows that we are fighting corruption and that Buhari is a man of integrity; these are important points but they are not sufficient.
“We cannot build anti-corruption campaign based on Mr. President’s body language alone; we must have a defined ideological framework.
“The anti-corruption campaign must be positioned, articulated and disseminated as a mass revolutionary crusade.’’
He underscored the need to acquaint Nigerians with the ideology that would drive the collective will of the citizens to shun corrupt tendencies.
He also called for the induction and training of critical stakeholders that would help drive the ideology.
He said: “The anti-corruption campaign should be institutionalised by making it an integral part of the socialisation process.
“The fact that Nigeria has the highest examination malpractice index in the world is mind boggling.