Two time Governor of Midwest and Bendel States, Dr.  Samuel Ogbemudia on Tuesday, January 19, 2016 threw a bomb shell in the nation’s political landscape. He has a pedigree that is gargantuan spanning his years in military career and as military and civilian  governor during which period he wrote his name in the sand of times heightened by his developmental strides to change the face of the former Midwest and Bendel States.
Since the onset of the fourth republic in 1999, he has been a member of the People’s Democratic Party (PDP),  playing a leading role and giving his voice,  views and ideas to the party  as a member of the Board of Trustees in order  to  help shape the nation to robust development.
HOWEVER,  against the backdrop of his decision to withdraw from the party, bricks and mortars have been hauled here and there by  party and non- party members alike. While  some spat  hot coals  for announcing his decision others felt otherwise that the former Army General and governor had the right to exercise his free will and fundamental human rights to associate at whatever platform he wishes.
Interestingly, former President OlusegunObasanjo  at a defining moment in his political career tore his PDP membership card, saying that he was giving up his membership of the party and his action drew applause and condemnation from different fora. Up to now General Obasanjo is not a member of any party but still offers his views and advice towards national developments. Perhaps, what many have been afraid could be the ultimate decision at the end of the day is that General Ogbemudia will pitch tent with another party.
Fundamentally, the political undercurrents in Nigeria’s politics is to join the winning train always at an any given opportunity, dumping party A for Party B since Party B has clinched victory at the polls and  immediately, there begins  a rat race and the jostle for political offices.  At announcement of its victory, this position which has become too well known caused the All Progressive Congress (APC) to declare that it will not welcome defectors who are coming to reap from where they did not sow.
Dr. Ogbemudia in his announcement of withdrawal from the PDP  which  turned paroxysm in the public domain, in comments and debates gave succinct reasons for his decision. In his words: “However, recent developments within and non –cohesiveness in matters affecting the party informed me to withdraw my membership of the Peoples Democratic Party,  PDP. .…Every organization does have  its fair share of turbulence but over time, the party was taken over by a powerful minority who held the party to ransom with  ideas and motives which were grossly at variance with the noble intentions of the founding fathers.’’
Dr. Ogbemudia whose sole driving force in politics is for good governance has left no one in doubt that he cares much about the people and has always keyed in to the reality of good governance as manifested by the  Edo State Governor, Comrade Adams Oshiomhole. Again, this position is manifestly clear in his statement when he declared that the nation still needs a responsible governing party and a viable opposition to serve  as a counterpoint to monitor and help to produce viable plans to move Nigeria forward.
In this direction, he had founded the Edo Mass Movement (EMM) in targeting his aims and objectives of ensuring that good governance holds sway in Edo State and the nation at large, particularly as democracy remains the only viable alternative to  vent the air of good leadership in Nigeria.  Former President Obasanjo had led the way, Dr.  Ogbemudia had stepped on the green veld, so that the nation will remain evergreen. Therefore, everyone has a right to political association and right to free speech on whatever platform he finds suitable.