Wednesday , September 28 2022
Gov. Adams Oshiomhole

Don’t vote for a candidate with court case, says Oshiomhole

Governor Adams Oshiomhole of Edo State has enjoined the electorate not to cast their votes in the forthcoming  governorship election for any candidate who has a case of fraud before a law court.

Speaking while receiving members of the Catholic Women Organization, Benin Diocese who paid him a courtesy visit at the Government House, Benin City, Tuesday, Governor Oshiomhole said, Politics is now a business where even evil doers will call themselves pastors. And once they say you are a pastor, the unsuspecting person will think this must be a man of God, yet he is a man of evil. Now, it will require you as mothers to try to enlighten women to look critically at the pedigree of people who are seeking votes, because a he-goat is never going to be able to deliver a baby no matter how fat it seems to look. And a lizard will only give birth to another lizard.”

Oshiomhole continued, “As we speak, addition of the candidates is beginning to emerge, and for me, it is very interesting to see some political parties nominating people who have confessed to stealing public funds, who went to Fidelity Bank to collect seven hundred million naira of money that was meant for defense to protect Christians who were being killed by Boko haram. Money that was meant to protect them was stolen by these people. At least, they confessed to seven hundred. There are many more they collected under the table, but this one, God caught them because they collected it from the bank, and they couldn’t deny it because the bank documents are there. Even people like that are offering themselves for election. They were not in government; they were stealing government money, when they take charge of the treasury what will be left?”

He urged the women, “So, we need massive education. As mothers, nobody has a greater stake in the future of our State than yourselves because if the state grows and prospers and government is properly run, you will benefit and the children will benefit. If the government is mismanaged, again if the children are hungry, it is the mother they will descend on.”

He added, “So, we will solicit your support, obviously we need it now for the next election because they say success without a worthy successor is a failure, because it is easier to destroy a house than to build it. Anybody can destroy, but it is not everybody that can build. And unfortunately, when electioneering starts because of the level of poverty in our country, even thieves will masquerade as angels, and they will be smooth talkers, and can confuse people.”

Also speaking, the President of Catholic Women Organization, Benin City Diocese, Lady Gloria Ngozi Anaedo said they were at the Government House to express appreciation to Governor Oshiomhole for his unparalleled infrastructural development in the State. She said, “On behalf of Catholic Women Organization (CWO) Benin Arch Diocese, we have come to pay a courtesy visit to His Excellency, our Comrade Governor Aliyu Oshiomhole to appreciate you first foremost for the work you have been doing in Edo State. We the Catholic women, we have been watching with keen interest as the year is passing by, and we are proud. You know, we women, when I child is doing well we are always happy. So, we have come specially to tell you thank you, our Comrade Governor that you have never let us down, mostly the catholic family. We have searched through and we have to confirm to you to tell you that you have done well. And really, you have done well because what you have done in Edo State is not a paper work. It is something you go, you see. The health care is there. The road network, in fact, we quite appreciate you. We cannot mention them because they are so many. So are very proud of you. In education, you have attained more than one hundred percent, and so many areas. So, we the catholic women, we deem it fit to come and say, well done, our comrade Governor. You have done what has not been thought of anybody in Edo State, and God will continue to guide and protect you.”

She pledged their support for Governor Oshiomhole, “We also have to tell you that we are solidly behind you. Any time any day, we the Catholic women are solidly behind you, that any time you call on us for anything, don’t be afraid, we will come out to help you to do whatever you send us to do.”

She said, “We also wish to congratulate you on the primaries that have just been concluded. We are happy, we Catholics are very happy because whatever that makes us you happy makes us happy. Congratulations.”

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