Charge No: FHC/B/51c/2018

Charge details: 8-count charge of laundering N700 million; fraud and corruption; an offence contrary to section 15(2)(d) of the Money Laundering (prohibition) Act 2011 as amended.”

Plaintiff: Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC)

Status: remanded in prison and currently on bail

The above data vividly portray the current status of Dan Orbih, the chairman of Edo State Peoples Democratic Party (PDP).

Facts do not lie and Orbih’s falsehood and attacks on the Edo State government cannot obliterate the only truth that he is a potential convict, on trial for fraud and corruption.

Not even the stage-managed dance drama amid a rented crowd can redeem his flawed character and his notoriety for propagating falsehood.

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His woes could be further compounded by his actions that are clearly unbecoming of a man that is moving freely today because of a bail bond issued by his sympathiser.

But Edo people know who to believe, between a liar and an alleged launderer of N700 million, whose current fate hangs on a cliff-hanger, permitted only to see the daylight by a bail bond sitting in the court of law, and Governor Godwin Obaseki, whose transparent systems have been referenced by the World Bank and credible multilateral and domestic institutions.

Edo people know that the statements made by Dan Orbih on the Edo State governor are all lies, and are received as such each time he manufactures them.

Governor Obaseki has his eyes clearly on the ball and governance in our conviction, is about enduring infrastructure, safe, secure, ordered and a sane society, in which everyone can actualise his or her dreams and aspirations.


• Crusoe Osagie is the Special Adviser on Media and Communication Strategy to the Edo State Governor.