Renovated Government Hospital, Isheagu
ISHEAGU – Isheagu Development Union, IDU and members the Council of Chiefs have expressed appreciation to the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints for the renovation of the Government Hospital, funded by LDS Charities.

Speaking at the unveiling of the renovated Government Hospital, the President of Isheagu Development Union, Mr. Uwafili Stephen on behalf of His Royal Highness and traditional Chiefs poured encomiums on the Church of Jesus Christ of the Latter-day saints for coming to the aid of the community.

“We count ourselves very lucky that the church chose to assist in the renovation of the Government hospital. It is very rare to see a church or any group assisting the government like this, we are very appreciative of this gesture”, he noted.

According to the IDU President, “we now have a well equipped hospital, but the problem is lack of staff. We want to use this medium to tell the only doctor in the hospital to inform the Permanent Secretary in the Ministry of Health to send staff to the hospital which serves both Ndokwa East and Ndokwa West Local government areas.”

The resident doctor of the Government Hospital Isheagu, Dr. Chima Kingsley Chijioke said initially he was not sure if the project was real.

According to him, “It all started two years ago when I met President Alex Odume of the Church of Jesus Christ of the Latter-day Saint who told me the Church will renovate the hospital.

“It was not until two weeks ago when I saw work going on in the hospital that i knew the church was serious and today we now have a renovated hospital with tiles all over the wards, ceiling fans, window nets, roof, medical equipments and doors and painted fence which has given the hospital a face lift.

“I was told they have got approval and they want to start work.

I am surprised with the extent of work they have done, changing the face of the hospital with tiles in the Male Ward, modern toilet facilities and the fence painted.

It covers eleven communities in Aniocha South and in Ogise and neighbor communities
“I have been in the civil service for fourteen years and I have never seen such kind gesture, infact this is the first time we are seeing a charity organization keeping to their promise,” he added.

He assured that everything will be properly maintained in the hospital which was established in 1971 and serves twelve neibouring communities.

The Welfare Manager, LDS Charities, an arm of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints Chidi, Ibeakuzie enjoined the Isheagu community to support the facilities in the hospital, noting that there are opportunities for the church to come back for scale up.

According to him, LDS Charities is a non-government organization and not motivated by any political reasons.

“We go about doing good for humanity service. Doing what God will want us to do. Since health is wealth. LDS Charities decided to renovate this hospital for the community to have access to quality health care services.”
He thanked God that the journey which started two years ago is now a reality, stressing that, “what we said we would do we have done them”.

He disclosed that the most important thing that was done by the church was to give the hospital a face lift generally, adding, “It is our prayer that the community and the hospital authorities will manage the facility with care”.

“People always ask me why we are always doing this, and I tell them that LDS Charities is a non-governmental organization, though an arm of Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, we are not doing it for political reasons.

“If Christ was here on earth, what will he do? Going about doing good. We are all brothers and sisters and we hope very soon we will all come together and rejoice in one faith in Christ Jesus,” he said.

He further noted that, “What we are doing is for humanity sake because, this is what God wants us to do. That is why we are doing what will help our brothers and sisters.

“If you don’t have health, what next. We believe that like in the big cities, they have access to a lot of health equipment and medical care.

“But we seem to forget that right here is where it all started. Before you go to the city you must be in the rural community.

“Therefore, we need to make sure that the people live better lives in the villages than the cities, because we will all come back one day. This is our home and we cannot run away from it.”

The Welfare Manager pointed out that is why the church look at those rural areas that do not have these benefits to make sure they give them the best.

“Our prayer therefore, is that we all find true faith and true reason to worship God,” he added.

The 1st Counselor to the Mission President, Benin City, President Mecco Igbineweka represented President Alex Odume to commission the Government Hospital, Isheagu, Nsukwa District funded by LDS Charities.