Edo state Commissioner for information and orientation, Mr. Paul Ohonbamu, says Senate order asking Governor Godwin Obaseki to issue fresh proclamation letter, is one that will likely culminate in real crisis.

Ohobamu, spoke at a meeting with Heads of media organisations, Friday, on the festering crisis at the Edo House of Assembly.

The National Assembly (NASS) last week issued Obaseki an ultimatum to issue a fresh proclamation letter for the inauguration of the 7th state house Assembly.

But Ohonbamu noted that the action of the national Assembly was neither divine nor ordained.

“It’s not even a true Nigeria reality because we have seen national Assembly in the past, committed to service.

“At best, we can say of this national Assembly’s action as divinely confused because they have set a process that can culminate in real crisis, proferring solution to a non existing crisis.

“My position is that the national Assembly must relinquish their fidelity to tyranny and lawlessness and commit themselves to service of truth so that history will absolve them.”

The commissioner, who described the seeming antagonism as distractions, noted that the governor was committed to ensuring that he remained focused in his avowed determination to develop all sectors of the economy.

“Here in Edo state, we are committed to the service of truth and this may not be pleasing to some people because of Obaseki’s departure from the modus operandi they are used to.

“But we remain standing on firm morale ground because the Governor has said he will not share the common patrimony of the people; it must be used for the people.

“And in the case of the National Assembly’s interference, we are standing on firm legal ground”.

Ohonbamu said the contention of those grumbling was to the effect that Obaseki had altered the pattern they were used to.

According to him; “you know what destructive and innovative processes will be to losers and winners in both political arena and economy market place.

“This is what is happening. But I must say that it is lack of what Obaseki is doing in Edo state that makes nation fail.

“He will continue to do what’s best for the people because rotteness will always overtake a society when bad destructive attitudes and ideas are allowed to fester.

“The governor remains committed and will not be distracted. You know ordinarily, somebody who travels on the devil’s expressway, does not expect to arrive at God’s destination.

“My advice for Obaseki is same as Aristotle gave to Alexander the great; that he must be a leader to the Greeks and despot to the Baberians.

“For Governor Obaseki, he must be a leader to the law abiding Edo people and a despot to Baberians and raiders. This is exactly what is happening.

“For the NASS, we have sent them a message that the proclamation was done in line with constitutional provision and cannot be recalled.

“And if we must respect the sanctity of separation of power, at this stage, the Governor has no hand in what happens in the House of Assembly. It was the Clerk who did the rest.

“So, asking the governor to do a fresh proclamation is indirectly asking him to set aside the initial one, which only the court has powers to do.

“I think ordering the governor of a state around, is share awful display of legislative hubris overreach. They have sinned twice against philosophy and law”.

Ohonbamu said the National Assembly threw caution to the wind “as they had their minds set because they want to satisfy entrenched interests which they have done.

“But we have told them that they cannot overrun Edo state because it’s not a colony.

“We are ready to respond superlatively to any action they take. They must understand the Governor has enormous powers and the fact that he is meek and humane in his disposition must not be misconstrued for weakness.

“The governor has powers to sting but he has only remained an unwilling servant in their devious plans.

“But they have continually made everyone realise that tolerance of aggression will result in more aggression.

“Does it not bother you that you have a governor in office, yet not in power. But Obaseki has said enough is enough that he cannot continue like that.

“And I support him because thieves will continue to visit you as long as your keys remain faulty and your ailment will obviously continue for as long as you prefer palliative to cure.

“In this debacle, we know that the history of liberty is the history of resistance and even the man pushing you equally knows that the limits of oppression is determined by the endurance of the oppressed.

“We have realized that the oppression is excessive and rather than adopt the Prometheus bounds, we will adopt Prometheus unbound.

“We will not reconcile with the gods; rather, we will not appease the gods but are ready to fight the gods so that the people will become free and walk into liberty.

“There’s no two ways about it. In Edo state under Obaseki, our shields stand guard and our swords stand ready.

“They should realise that Governor Obaseki has the nuclear button in his pocket and can press it at any time.

“So, no one is afraid for fear is a revolutionary sentiment; we cannot continue like this. We are happy that Edo people have followed the narratives.

“We are standing on both morale and legal firm grounds; and we have all the support because Obaseki has endured,” he said.

He commended the Media for display of true professionalism in Edo state and for its unbiased professional reportage of events, particularly the seeming APC crisis in the state.

Ohonbamu, urged the practitioners to continue to maintain the high professional ettiquette being displayed in the discharge of their duties.

The commissioner said unlike in some states, where a section of the media took sides, “the media in Edo state have so far been professional and remained unbiased in their reportage, especially in the seeming crisis.

He noted that the peaceful co-existence so far achieved was attributable to the true reportage of events, saying “we have seen the situation in other parts of the country where the media takes side.

“But here in Edo state, the media has been committed to service of truth; I owe you a debt of gratitude.

“Mine is that with this kind of posture, you are helping government and society because the ultimate aim of governance is to bring happiness to the greatest number of people and let there be human flourish.

“And this is what Governor Godwin Obaseki is doing; but without the media true exposition of the situation, it will be like winking in the dark.

” It is only the media that can make this happen because you are so important that even in heaven, those in northern hemisphere want to know what’s happening in the southern hemisphere.

“Your importance, no doubt we recognise and am assuring you that we will sustain this cordial relationship and provide conducive environment to enable you effectively conduct your given mandate.

“I especially commend you for the way and manner you have handled the seeming crisis of Edo state since it started,” he said.

According to him, Obaseki in the next three years, will walk into immortality because of his works and indelible achievements.

“None has ever done it, for Obaseki has taken charge of Edo state and changed the narrative; We have Edojobs and In education sector for example, about 12,000 teachers have been trained in our primary schools.

“This is a clear departure from the old order “, he said.