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Life gets back to normal in Lagos after COVID-19 pandemic

No more horror or Sci-Fi movies seem to be unrealistic, as nothing seems to be unreal anymore. Just in a matter of several days, we all became the characters of the thriller movies, with the unknown virus being spread all over the world and people trying to survive by simply locking themselves in the houses.


The COVID-19 pandemic has lost traces for many people of different origins and backgrounds. It has become very hard to cope with the new reality, which previously was only seen on the movie screens. The pandemic has lost millions of people affected, thousands of people killed, and more impacted.


As the vaccine against coronavirus simply does not exist, it is very hard to be sure about anything and it is very hard to keep safe for most of the people. Though, there are some measures which can be taken in order to prevent the further spread of the pandemic and to be more or less safe. Those measures include social distancing and following all of the sanitary guidelines.


Even though most of the gathering spots have reopened and people are socializing all over again, there are still some measures which we need to follow, including wearing a face-mask in the populated area and in every social place, including markets, restaurants and many more. Besides the safety guidelines, people all over the world have to practice social distancing. Thus, places in gathering spots are halved and the majority of events, including cultural, music, or sports events take place outside, which is considered to be the safest side to play.


While some events definitely can be held outside, this is not necessarily beneficial for everyone and everywhere. It is still very hard to operate in a world where the pandemic made everything uncertain for an uncertain period of time. Though nothing is impossible and we are all coping with the new reality as well as thinking of how to survive and adapt to the future.

We all are in this together

Many people all over the world kept separating and differentiating people according to the origin, the country of residence, skin color, or different other factors. This is something that did not matter while talking about Coronavirus and the whole pandemic. The pandemic did not leave out anyone, neither the developed country, nor the developing, neither white nor black people, neither rich and famous, nor poor and ordinary people.


While facing the global pandemic it is very hard to determine who suffers the most and who needs the most of the help. Assistance is needed in general. We all need help and support, both financial and moral. This is very essential especially during such a difficult time.


Many industries have been impacted and most of the people working in those industries were impacted by the pandemic as well. This is mainly due to the fact that most of the businesses had to close because of the safety measures, and many people were left unemployed. Others lost their businesses and thus it became really hard to survive in a very uncertain world.


All of the industries suffer, including one of the biggest industries which are trading. Trading is no more industry but rather it is the skill and the job and everything mixed and collaborated together. Trading is everything, which stands on the bases of almost every single business. It is very hard to be successful if the trading system is not sufficient.


At the moment when the whole world collapsed and there was only the smallest hope left for the better being, trading became more and more important in different industries, including medicine as well as online trading. When people were left locked in the houses and had nothing to do, and no income in most of the cases, perhaps investing in something sounded like a good idea. To the question of what is trading psychology? the answer is hope for the better and hope for more. During the pandemic there was a huge demand for trading and there was sufficient supply as well. All of this is very simple and the pandemic is slowly backing up, people are learning new and more practical skills, including trading.

How is the third world surviving

The pandemic has affected everyone and no one handled it in an easy way, yet it has been especially hard for third world countries, as they simply are at the developing stage, meaning that they still need to improve both the industries as well as different sectors locally. Also, the social standard of living in third world countries is obviously not as high as in developed countries and thus for ordinary people, it is harder to adapt to the new reality.


Nigeria and especially Lagos is one of the clearest examples. It is definitely not the most developed region in the world, but it is the region that is slowly overcoming the pandemic and is making significant progress. There were some strict regulations in the country, which applied to most of the sectors, including trading. This is why people suffered the most, as the majority of the population earn living on trading in different markets, be it the food market or the non-food market. Due to the regulations and safety measures markets were not working full time, and people had less time to shop and to earn the living.


It has been announced recently, that the government of Nigeria in Lagos is up to lifting some regulations and allowing markets to work full time, which is from 8 AM to 6 PM. though, despite this fact, the food and non-food markets are still not able to work on the same days of the week. The alternate days of operation of the market are Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday for food markets and Monday, Wednesday, Friday for non-food markets.


The working hours will be extended both for food and non-food markets. The announcement by the State Government has been made by Gboyega Akosile, the Chief Press Secretary of Governor  Babajide Sanwoolu. The announcement was made last week by the end of the week. Also, according to the announcement the trade and commerce sector should assist the country in recovering from the pandemic and the impact of the pandemic.


Despite the fact that some regulations are softened and some industries as well as businesses are getting back to normal, people still need to follow safety guidelines and have to practice social distancing in order to avoid the second wave of the pandemic.


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