THE chairman Edo State Council for Islamic Affairs Alhaji Abdulazeez Igbinidu has tasked Muslims to adhere strictly to the rules guiding the observance of the Ramadan fast.

Alhaji Igbinidu said this in a statement issued in Benin City at the commencement of this year’s holy month of Ramadan.

According to Alhaji Igbinidu, “we should remember that fasting in Islam is not just about abstaining from food and other pleasurable acts, but it also includes the avoidance of indecent acts like vain talks, and all types of wrong doings as these can invalidate our fast.

“We should also ensure that our fasting is as prescribed by Allah by avoiding the ways of the unbelievers. To this end, let us be guided by the practices of Prophet Mohammed and his followers with regard to fasting in the month of Ramadan.

“Let’s take particular notice of the commandment that says we should delay our sahur and hasten our iftal. This is the commandment of Allah and there are lots of blessing if we stick to the ways of Allah in all our affairs.

The chairman urged them to remember to take good care of their health before and during the fasting period by ensuring regular medical check up just as he advised them remember Allah’s command on the waivers granted some individuals with certain health conditions such as old age, ill health and those on long distance travels etc.
Remember to pray for peace and tranquility in Edo State, Nigeria and the world over.

May Almighty Allah ease our affairs and make us to be among those who will be able to fast successfully in this month of Ramadan and also make us to be counted amongst those whose fasting will be accepted by Allah.

He congratulated them for being among those witnessing the beginning of this year’s month of Ramadan, just as he harped on the significance of this month to those who believe in the oneness of Allah and the prophet-hood of Mohammad (peace be upon him) cannot be over emphasized.