The world of literature cum writing profession received a significant boost recently, when some seasoned and influential writers came together, to form the Professional Writers Association of Nigeria (PWAN).
The historic event which took place at the prestigious VIKO PLAZA, in the heart of the capital city of Benin City, Edo State, saw in attendance Dr. William Eyinmosan, Dr. Barr. Ovie Akhamie, Prof. Andrew Olagunju and other vibrant successful published writers, along with some budding ones.
Speaking to Alltimepost at the inaugural ceremony, the Chairman of PWAN, an established expert in English Language, who has many insightful publications to his credit, Dr. William Eyimosan, said that the birth of the association became absolutely necessary, as professional writers in Nigeria have not been adequately captured, represented and recognized in the critical scheme of writing business; that published writers need a secured functioning and flourishing space, to adequately push their overall best interests in the country and beyond.
According to him:” This epochal event no doubt will open the floodgates of opportunities, for our members to bring out the best in their creative and imaginative possessions or reserves, to better the cause of the society; an organization that will act as an umbrella to writers, to excel positively and professionally; to vigorously cater and assiduously work for our collective welfare and interests.
When we talk about professional writers, we must also talk about those who are working in the various fields of endeavours like in the movie, music, educational, religious fields etc, who are into research related activities and actual writing”.
The Vice – Chairman of PWAN, Dr. Barr. Ovie Akhamie, who has been a professional writer since 1988, and whose current best selling novel is ” Odume’s Choice”, posited thus:”This interesting event will enable us to achieve our noble role of opening a smooth and comfortable space; to give us lasting returns for the conjoin of our paper and pen. The operators of the conjoin shall work to envision their coexistence in a manner that will sensitize the society, especially the ruling class; to see the Professional Writers as playing critical roles in reflecting the ills of the society through informed writing, influencing the policy of the society in all educational programmes, leveraging on the reading culture of the society, encouraging budding writers to have access to relevant resources that will make them excel in the profession; interfacing with relevant ministries and agencies that can shore up the standard of reading and writing in the country, and putting in place modalities that can be beneficial to individuals in the profession. It is pleasing that we are not going to work in isolation as we have a worldview that will occasion our internation interface”.
The event witnessed a review of a newly published work, by a member of PWAN, currently trending at the international scene via Amazon Kindle store in USA, Germany, UK, Italy, Canada, Japan, etc, which is titled: “Where We Are: A Call To Reclaim Nigerian State”, written in honour of the Presidential candidate of the Labour Party ( LP), Mr. Peter Obi.
The book:”Where We Are”, indeed provoked and generated fantastic intellectual masturbations amongst the professional writers at the historic inaugural event.