Popular Nigeria born multi talented music artist, Bugga King is set to release his new music video album titled “DAGBANA DANCE” which he perfected in South Africa, after the release of his hit single “KILODE” track record in 2020.
The artist has romanced through collaboration with prominent contemporary artist from  South Africa, Ghana and Zambia, as well as producer from Malawi, who produced his joint project “EP” with the number 4 human right, featuring Soweto choirs and the legendary two times Grammy award winning South Africa producer, alongside a Swahili artist.

Bugga king is not just only an artist, but a fashion personality who has built his fan base on a solid music, dancing and modelling prowess, which join a force to form “Fashion MOAD” being an executive with same as B-Side Recordz.

Bugga king got a standing ovation immediately after his recent interview with Clevenard Television, where the Bside Guy talked about his love and passion for fashion and the associated peculiar challenges which the independent artists are facing in not just South Africa, but the entire Africa as a nation, just as he was applauded by his fans across the ancient city of Benin Kingdom, during his online live broadcast with a popular radio and television host, Claudiababy after the state owned Edo Broadcasting Service radio programme in Edo State for his debut and motivating song “OMOGE” which was released to the public in 2021 and made available on YouTube.

Bugga king whose inspiration is divine, has gotten a much needed support from his supporters in both Nigeria and Diaspora and his vision is to ensure that the music industry produces first class artists that would conform with international best practices.

Bugga king has set the stage for the younger generation who have desires to excel in the music industry