Asaba – No fewer than six youths have been allegedly murdered in cold blood by rival cult groups in Ogwashi-Uku metropolis.

Hell was reported to have been let loose following the alleged murder of one of the members of a rival cult group in Ogwashi-Uku, which informed sources said triggered the killing spray among the rival cult groups.

Information gathered by source who crave condition of anonymity alleged that the cult clash was triggered by the murder of a young man whose name was given as Ekene by a five man rival cult group over land issue.

It would be recalled that “The said deceased(Ekene) was missing for about two days without anyone being able to trace his whereabouts. It was the third day, some group of youths saw one of the suspects who allegedly participated in the murder of the said Ekene riding on his motorcycle.

“The youths gave the young man a hot chase and succeeded in apprehending him. On interrogation, he confessed to the murder of the said Ekene and also named other young men who participated in the crime.

“It was however revealed that the killers are a rival cult gang who murdered Ekene over land disputation. The suspect even took the young men to the shallow grave where they buried Ekene after killing him”.

Information available in the metropolis said the deceased remains has been exumed while investigation is ongoing. “It is the cult members of the deceased that embarked on the reprisal attacks”, some sources alleged.

Some photographs that has gone viral showed about three corpses alleged to be some of the cult members that have been cut down due to the clash.

But a local security source in Ogwashi-Uku who was contacted debunked the information making the round in the metropolis which alleged that about three persons were killed.

“No it is not true that three persons have so far been killed. I am aware of only one person who was killed somewhere at Agidiehe quarters road.

“In fact some of our men where among the people that moved the body to the morgue. The story that three people were killed by rival cult groups is not true”, the vigilante member who craved anonymity hinted.

However, findings revealed that the youth who was murdered is alleged to be a member of a cult group. The deceased was reported to have been shot on the head, forcing the brain to spill on the spot he lay lifeless.

A source who was around the vicinity disclosed that the incident which occurred around mid-morning caused a stir among the residents and shop owners in the area.

“In fact, most of the shop owners around the area had to quickly close their shops for fear of more violence among the cult boys. From what we learnt, the assailants were over three in number and they came with motorcycles.

“Due to the pandemonium that ensured after the young man was gunned down, it was easy for the assailants to escape. It was most unfortunate”, disclosed the source.

Reports indicates that there is tension in the metropolis as some of the leadership of the rival cult groups were said to have gone underground for fear of their lives.

Further investigation also shows that while some of the affected cult members may have travelled out of the vicinity, some are said to have abandoned their homes for fear of reprisal attacks.

Following the incident, the police in Ogwashi-Uku is said to have beefed up security in the metropolis in collaboration with the local security outfit as a way of checkmating further violence.